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TweetDeck : According to Franklin, Franklin's god drowned every single child on the planet because he was mad and then murdered every single first born child in Egypt to make a political statement.

I don't think kids being stuffed into cages bothers Him all that much. Q.E.D.…

TweetDeck : What the fuck actually?! I mean, I'm omnipotent and shit so I totally knew Trump basically stiffed pretty much everybody he ever had a deal with, but I didn't think it would happen to ME!
-- God joins the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party…

TweetDeck : Trump has said twice in the last week that you dont hear anymore about veterans being treated badly at the VA, now that he has fixed things. Here are just four headlines from the last five weeks:

TweetDeck : #TrumpTaxReturns

Seeing a lot of trolls trying to reply after I've blocked them. If you're a follower on one of my TLs ... please read the below thread. It's my humble quick guide to recognizing trolls ... and most importantly ... blocking them.…

TweetDeck : Trump’s narcissism is a threat to our national security and stability around the globe.

Our real “great and unmatched wisdom”: democracy and peace.

TweetDeck : They knew.

They all knew. BUT they thought Saddam being Saddam once they got into the country they'd find WMD's sure enough. They were absolutely 100% certain of it. So they cooked the intel and the rest is history. I was there, man. I saw it happen.…