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Android : This is why they panic. The so-called "encrypted", "anonymous" and "secure" services the criminals thought they could use to evade justice are no match for the miracle workers at the NSA. You CANNOT hide behind the wires. We have it all, and we know who you are.…

Android : Joe M Mac Sara A. Carter I kid you not, the song One Hand Up
is the new theme for Canadas ruling party.
I can hardly believe they could be this stupid. Listen below.
(I made the video to go with it :) )

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Android : 𝕍. They're nothing. They're sick. That's what they are. Gay, straight, none of that matters, their evil knows no bounds and they will do whatever they must to stay that way.

Android : Why hasn't Professor Jeff Klinzman been fired for telling his students he wants to KILL Christian conservatives and assault president Trump with a baseball bat, but honest professor Douglas Belmore is now destitute for telling the truth? AMERICA IS BROKEN!……

Android : Every dog for himself. The same McCabe who the Obama old guard defended after his firing are refusing to stick up for him when he is charged. Why would they, he's going to roll on them all just like he promised.…

Android : As predicted, the desperate Deep State in their last days have run out of legal options. As they wither and melt like the Wicked Witch with a firehose shoved down her throat, all they can do is attack the courts that will soon deliver decisive JUDGEMENT on their fate. #PAIN…

Android : 1st fake Kavanaugh accuser -

Christine Baily Fords brother worked for Baker Law firm for 15 years. Baker is the law firm for Fusion GPS.

Who has paid fusion? Hillary Clinton and Obama.

NYT’s new Kavanaugh “witness” is a Clinton lawyer.

You can’t make this crap up folks.

Android : Learn about "pets". Cabal members are allocated one at initiation for the recording of their own personal blackmail dossier. #PedoGate…

Android : The criminals are suddenly opposed to military action in the Middle East. Thats because for the first time since [they] took power, Americas weapons will be turned on the actual bad guys instead of innocents. Deep States Black Sites in Iran are gonna get a whoopin.

Android : Unlike neocons of old, patriots know who the [real] enemies are. As in North Korea, legitimate elements that will make up Iran's government after #TheStorm are standing by to make a deal, but not until we break the chains of the Deep State black sites still in operation.…

Twitter Web App : Kirsten Gillibrand When you go over to Dad's for a weekend BBQ, does he reminisce about the good old #NXVIM days and what it was like working for sex trafficking cult leader, Keith Raneire? Asking for a friend.