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Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER

Bio Microbiologist, apolitical until *45, here for the resistance. Support trustworthy candidates, #BlueWave2020 No porn, no 💩 Support 🌈💙🐳🦅🦋🔥I swear a LOT!
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Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER
Jstn- In 2020, watch for votes changed by Sharpie!
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Twitter for iPad : I personally have no answers. However, it seems like the US may have some responsibility. It also seems facilitating discussion, reform or compromise avoids unrest.
Iraqi cleric Moqtada Sadr calls for government to resign amid intensifying protests…

Twitter for iPad : Trump told friends privately that he worries about the stain that impeachment will leave on his resume. Really?

I suppose one’s resume becomes important when you are hoping to apply for another job seeking an autocratic, narcissistic dictator-president.…

Twitter for iPad : Trump will NEVER resign. Since taking office, he’s developed a God-complex, & in his mind, gods never die.

Yes, he will try to incite insurrection, even encourage civil war. He will tell his supporters to burn the country to the ground. But resign? Never!…

Twitter for iPad : STATUS CHECK: Has Leader McConnell recused himself from the trial in Donald Trump's impeachment?

Given that his wife is on the payroll of the defendant, was just wondering if he could still be the Jury Foreman.

Twitter for iPad : 😂😂😂

“And then we did everything we could to hide the call, and bury the whistleblower complaint.”

These guys are absolutely beyond belief.…

Twitter for iPad : .Jake Tapper takes a look at how Republican lawmakers will be judged for how they handle Pres. Trump. He says they should remember lessons learned from how Joseph McCarthy’s contemporaries handled him. #CNNSOTU

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Twitter for iPad : In contrast, here are some fellas who dont believe the laws the rest of us live under apply to them.

They believe they ARE the law, and any integrity they exhibit is situational. If its inconvenient to them, it does not apply.

Twitter for iPad : If you want a reminder of what integrity looks like, here you go.
Its easy to remember if you base your recollection on what they did, and whether or not they lived their values.

These guys DID.