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iPhone : She is not naive.
She is not a child.
She is not an innocent bystander.
She is a liar.
She is a complicit traitor.
She is up to her eyeballs in her father’s criminal shit.

Raise your hand if you would love to see Ivanka Trump in handcuffs. ✋🏼 #ImpeachmentTaskForce

iPhone : Trump is the president of blood money, child concentration camps, white supremacy, voter suppression, mass extinction, climate change, murder cover-ups, treason, and genocide. He is the president of death, and the GOP has forfeited any right to hold power. #ImpeachmentTaskForce

iPhone : If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, or Nancy Pelosi screamed and acted like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, or Donald Trump, we’d be hearing from the GOP that women are too emotional for politics.

Ever wondered what Republican whiny male privilege is? This is it.

iPhone : 1. Justice Kennedy retired abruptly to make way for Trump’s Brett Kavanaugh.
2. Kennedy’s son Justin signed off on Trump’s loans at Deutsche Bank.
3. Deutsche Bank destroyed copies of Trump’s tax returns.

I demand a damn explanation for that shady shit. #ImpeachmentTaskForce

iPhone : Scott Dworkin Trump: “She’s going to go through some things.”
Putin: “She will be Trump’s first victim in Ukraine.”

Nevertheless Marie Yovanovitch persisted. ✋🏼🇺🇸

iPhone : If you believe that Deutsche Bank loaned Trump hundreds of millions of dollars WITHOUT seeing Trump’s tax returns, I have a wall to sell you that Mexico is going to pay for.

iPhone : Presidents ask themselves, “What can I do to make America better?” Trump asks himself, “How can I defraud and betray someone to add dollars to my own pockets?” This is not a presidency. This is a crime spree by a traitorous mobster shitweasel. #ImpeachAndRemove

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Hi there, Donald. Today would be a fantastic day for you to resign from office. #ImpeachmentTaskForce #KurdsBetrayedByTrump

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iPhone : At this point in time, if you’re a Republican you’re supporting child concentration camps, pedophilia, sexual assault, rape, nepotism, racism, fascism, white supremacy, murder cover-ups, treason, and Turkey’s slaughter of Syrian Kurds.

In broad daylight. #KurdsBetrayedByTrump

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Why #ImpeachmentTaskForce?!

1. Donald Trump is using millions of dollars on ads to spread blatant lies.
2. We counter Trump’s propaganda with truth.
3. Every donation will help truth to trend.

Let’s win hearts and minds to sway public opinion. ❤️🇺🇸…

iPhone : Trump’s daughter Ivanka gained 16 trademarks in China since entering our White House. Trump’s son-in-law Kushner uses our White House to find foreign debt loaners for himself. Both made $82 million from multiple streams of outside income. But. Hunter. Biden. #ImpeachmentTaskForce

iPhone : Keep up the drum beat: Why did Justice Kennedy retire so abruptly? What role did his son at Deutsche Bank play? Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?

iPhone : Remember how billionaire Betsy DeVos chose to go through a grueling public humiliation just for the opportunity to harm students? Well, she could face jail for violating a 2018 court order on student loans. Raise your hand if you would love to see Betsy DeVos in handcuffs.

iPhone : Scott Dworkin Hell, I don’t want Trump solely impeached! I want him:

Fully investigated.
Put on trial for treason.
Found guilty.
Sued in civil court for damages.
Found guilty.
Assets sold off.

That’s all.

iPhone : She is not naive.
She is not a child.
She is not an innocent bystander.
She is a liar.
She is a complicit traitor.
She is a criminal.

And I will never stop thinking about how our emoluments clause meant Jimmy Carter had to give up his beloved little Georgia peanut farm.

iPhone : Jon Cooper Bush Senior (R):
$269 billion deficit.

Clinton (D):
$127 billion surplus.

Bush Junior (R):
$1.4 trillion deficit.

Obama (D):
$492 billion deficit.

Trump (R):
Raised it back up to $1.1 trillion deficit.

Remind me again, which is the fiscally conservative party, GOP?