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iPhone : There are 9 cinnamon muffins on my kitchen counter, but only -- get this -- 4 tires on my wife's car.…

iPhone : Breitbart News Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Letting girls in to one of the last organizations where boys can learn to be men from strong male role models was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

iPhone : Testosterone & Civilization I’ll believe it. My parents and I got lucky (my dad and I both went to grad school and have six-figure jobs) but everyday use certainly slowed me down after grad school. I probably would have gotten more done over the last six years since graduation if I had quit sooner.

iPhone : zerohedge His name is hilarious, I’ll give him that. But the risk of having your life ruined by accusations of misconduct from women at work are far too great to change your conduct because some (I presume) feminist author found one executive to condemn men being cautious.

iPhone : DOJ OIG releases report of investigation describing the recovery of text messages from certain FBI mobile devices…

iPhone : Robert Barnes Some do but I wouldn’t say it’s a majority. It’s like when people who hate Christians smear them by saying that all Christians believe the Earth is literally 5000 years old when really it’s just the kooks.

iPhone : ⁦⁦Stefan Molyneux⁩ am I crazy or did HARVARD, one of the greatest bastions of leftism in the US, just publish a study that disproves the very wage gap that the left screeches about every chance they get? I can’t wait to see the rationalization!…