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Android : Floris Nys NPC#5282983 The Switch is THE most powerful Nintendo hardware ever. The first game on the new console is NOT the time to be limiting your players. Ease into it, if you absolutely have to, but give us ONE game as a sending off point. Thats not hard to understand from a marketing standpoint /5

Android : Floris Nys NPC#5282983 Formats because people want to use the old cards they already have. And if I go home and want to play with my friends, we can use whatever we want. These decisions are not comparable. Finally, if this decision is ANYTHING, it's garbage marketing. /4

Android : Floris Nys NPC#5282983 From the current region are usable (Gen6 they had to be bred in Kalos at the very least). Also, 'mons from older gens aren't inherently more powerful than newer ones. You also compare Pokémon to TCGs. I'm an avid magic the gathering player. They specifically create older /3

Android : Floris Nys NPC#5282983 They are not some small indie developer. I saw that you made a bunch of arguments of your own that you tweeted out- not many of them make sense. For example, you say that transferring old 'mons is p2w. That's frankly ridiculous. In competitive settings, since Gen 6, only mons /2

Android : Floris Nys NPC#5282983 They've already done the hard work of it though. They already have the "future proofed"(direct quote from GameFreak) models from XY. All shown animations are identical to the ones from XY. GameFreak is in charge of the video game side of the largest media franchise ever. /1

Android : In honor of #BringBackNationalDex, Id like to share pictures of my baby boy. My Swampert who has accompanied me on my Pokemon journey since I was 11 years old in 2004! This guy has been through a lot with me, and I hope and pray I can bring him onto the Switch!

Android : Hayley 🔥 I don't think canceling pre-orders is all that much of an overreaction. And if you're not looking to get flooded with negativity, don't contribute to it and say they're "whining like babies." I only replied to your tweet because it seemed inflammatory.

Android : Ellie Hayley 🔥 People are using National Dex as short hand for the ability to transfer Pokemon outside the region. It's stupid to imply otherwise. Also, there's not going to any less "reliance on old Pokémon" since there are strong, old 'mons in Galar. Ex; Tyranitar was in one of the trailers.

Android : Ellie Hayley 🔥 Throwing "in my opinion" in all caps doesn't change anything. I'd even agree with you if this was some free game that had less than great monetization, but this is literally the biggest franchise on the planet. People are allowed to be unhappy at a product they were going to buy.

Android : Ellie Hayley 🔥 Masuda pointed that out seconds before saying that not all Pokémon would be transferrable. At the very least, that's shitty marketing. Don't remind your customers why you shouldn't have to cut content the very sentence before telling them you're cutting content.

Android : Ellie Hayley 🔥 Clearly that's not the case now, since the ability to transfer from Bank will exist at launch. People aren't "acting spoiled," they're acting like consumers who have expectations based on precedent set by the company in the past. This is the most powerful Nintendo hardware, ever.

Android : Ellie Hayley 🔥 This isn't something that should have to be patched or fixed. It's been an integral part of every previous game. People were upset about this when they transitioned from gen 2 to gen 3, but at least there were hardware limitations there.

Android : Hayley 🔥 Let's put this way. Your pinned tweet is a shiny that you soft reset over 50k times for. Imagine someone had a Pokemon like that, that they've had since Gen 3, that they've brought into every game since. If it's not a super popular 'mon, they probably won't get to do that.

Android : Mark Saffron Olive Michael DeGrave It's because Goldfishing burn is easy. In a vacuum, you're just counting to twenty. The complexities of burn come in when your opponent is introduced, and you have to work against their plan. Burn is all about resource management. I don't even play burn and I recognize that.

Android : Saffron Olive Michael DeGrave This makes me really curious as to what your definition of a fair deck even is. Burn is the ultimate fair deck. It pays the full cost of it's cards, it can't ever skip up the curve and play cards early, it has clear gameplay counters. I'm not sure what could be unfair about it.