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Android : Im not for Certain Im going to be here Tomorrow This isn't living Emergency happens I'm behind and go hungry for months
I think Im done trying to Continue always Struggling NO JOY ONLY PAIN& Stress Im done having to count on Kindness of others to eat or by Soap I think its Over pic.twitter.com/DWEY79CXVg

Android : BC ImStruggling
Really hate to be in this position but I'm at my Witts end
Please If you can help you’d’ most likely keep me from hospital for breakdown I cant sleepNo foodal utilities off on 20th behind on everything
Dont Know What to do
Thanks for Listening

Android : USA TODAY
Heres A Story Perhaps your Interested
Man impersonating the lottery winner Mister Michael Wiersky.
Taking money from poor desperate people promising first 50 twitter followers 20,000 dollar
Hes a thief and hurting ppl. If your Interested in this Story DM me stop him

Android : I know we all struggle and things are hard. Anybody no a Lender does loans on Manufactured Homes please DM Me With the Info my Home is paid for . Below my home& the View from front Window
Nice Area

Storm had to evacuate took entire Disability check

SmartNews | スマートニュース : loser
Bernie Sanders bashes Joe Biden, embraces Trump supporter during Nevada campaign stop usatoday.com/story/news/pol… #SmartNews