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iPhone : Back home. Thankfully that wasn’t that bad for Nola. For South Louisiana they did get flooding my prayers go out to you. Please donate if you can to those that need.

iPhone : “The secret museum in every city is a grocery store... they offer a tourist-free paradise for people-watching, especially the kind of locals tourists never meet — parents, the elderly, 9-to-5ers, paycheck-to-paycheck poor.”


iPhone : Just heard and felt the first of the wind demons. So here's Side B[arry] of the old Katrina tape.... not mixed as nicely for the cloud as the other side. Some other time.... soundcloud.com/michael-batema…

iPhone : Okay the mainstream media getting us all worked up is pissing me off. NBC just posted footage of Wednesday’s flood and saying it’s what’s currently going on. It’s not. It’s like you sadness porn assholes want us to get wiped out. What the hell.

iPhone : Alright people. Off, shits going dark gotta save the juice in case we are a week without power. My life’s work is protected. I got my bug out bag. See you on the other side.

iPhone : nice work gathering all the original film clips to the samples contained in Rivers // Skinny Puppy by Piotr Jedziński youtu.be/znx0CSIAeJk

iPhone : Maybe we should bring back some medieval shit. Take everyone in charge and put them in blocks in Jackson Square and throw tomatoes at them. (Like that would change anything but hey)

iPhone : Yo. It’s Hurricane season. We got problems if Uptown is flooding. What is with the powers that be here? Come on. Dont leave us to the fate of Trump. We all know he hates black people and will not give a single shit about Nola.