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Twitter Web App : Look how hard the English government fought to avoid Brexit. They didn't respect the English voters. Why? Follow the money. Follow the globalists who refused to peacefully cede power. Those globalists are paying Washington D.C.

It's understood what we must do. twitter.com/BreakingNLive/…

Twitter Web App : Remember last summer, creepy porn lawyer was a hero to team D?

Team D sure is taking many Ls .

They are so desperate for the W, they're not vetting charlatans. Just some critical thinking would help avoid embarrassment. twitter.com/ABC/status/113…

Twitter Web App : Attorney General Barr puts former intel bosses on notice thehill.com/opinion/judici…

If i was crooked politician, i wouldn't want an honest A.G. after me. They are in deep shit.

Twitter Web App : Reedrick Marks You're better manager than J.V. Walter.

You're capable of performing better on sports talk radio than most of the other idiots.

Jenny Cavnar would return your phone calls.

Honeybear ❤ you.

Twitter Web App : It was all orchestrated as a set up so they could prosecute when she won.

Spoiler alert:

She lost. twitter.com/jsolomonReport…

Twitter Web App : Leslie-Ann Stoffel Have them play hockey. It builds character. You get to beat people up. People beat you up. You learn respect. Also you get too tired to blow stuff up after 25 minutes of ice time.

Twitter Web App : Vox Q. Dawg It's going to be glorious watching the sky screamers melt. They still believe the dossier and think Trump's taxes will impeach him.

Twitter Web App : To be fair & in full disclosure.

I would subpoena Hope Hicks into my bedroom if i had the authority. She's a beautiful woman. twitter.com/axios/status/1…

Twitter Web App : Vox Q. Dawg I look forward to the $10 words he will use as he is sentenced to death for treason.

I hope they have him on assassination conspiracy too.

Twitter Web App : She's very proud of her rear as she should be. She's also wearing a different bathing suit in each picture. twitter.com/TFMgirls/statu…

Twitter Web App : KING BRONCO 😏👑 Bronco

I just can't picture the St Louis Blues of all teams making it easy for an appearance in the Cup finals. St Louis has a long history of stepping on their dicks and messing up.