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Twitter Web App : American And the federally funded scientists who have a vested interest in keeping their federal funds by saying there's global warming wouldn't be fudging their research, would they?

Twitter Web App : BSN Rockies 1. The C situation. Both are leftys. Do you see one being moved for a righty C bat?

2. Does Josh Fuentes have a shot to be a bench bat in 2020. His 1b-3b position flexibility is a plus.

3. Who are options at a CF who can play Coors and bat righty?

Twitter Web App : " Let the American taxpayers pay for it" philosophy in action. Free healthcare, free college, forgive student loan debt. Whatever else is being promised.

Sooner or later, you run out of taxpayer money. Something has got to give.


Twitter Web App : Orphaned Annie When we were growing up, Joe DiMaggio did Mr Coffee ads. He was old. Only old people drink coffee. If i don't drink coffee, I'm not old. Strawberries & Cream frappe isn't coffee.

Twitter Web App : A ton of people have visited Antarctica the past few years. Why? Why would a jailed man's private jet fly there?

Shit like this doesn't make sense. There's something the rich , powerful, elite don't want us to know or have. twitter.com/Incarnated4EVA…

Twitter Web App : Holy shit. Just tell the truth. She created a 24 hour news story. For what? What is the benefit now? twitter.com/DLoesch/status…

Twitter Web App : 80sThen80sNow A tweak and it works. Don't Pay the Ferryman.

Tony Carey - 1st day of Summer or Fine Fine Day or Why Me & i believe you got something.