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Twitter Web App : A Kashmiri priest named Kasinath Pandit once declared that Islamic prophet was actually a bhakta of Shiva.

He was killed the very next day inside his own temple for blasphemy.

Calling Rama an Imam is "respect". Calling Prophet a Bhakt is blasphemy This is Indian Secularism…

Twitter Web App : The future Ram Mandir of Ayodhya should be so grand & glorious that the next time when someone mentions India, a foreign visitor must immediately think of Ram Mandir rather than Taj Mahal.

Everyone of us has to cooperate in every way to make this happen. Our civilizational duty

Twitter Web App : @AryaOfAryavart Yes. I did write that. That is not for your Guru. That is for anyone who insults Adi Shankaracharya. If he dint insult, he is not guilty. If you want a real discussion, stop firing from behind the shoulders of a Guru

Twitter Web App : Imagine.

Kavyas based on Uttarakanda have survived from Gupta period onwards, like Bhavabhuti's uttararamacarita.

Nowhere in Valmiki Ramayana is it written that Rama worshipped Durga before battle. Nobody calls it an interpolation. But everyone points fingers at Uttarakanda

Twitter Web App : @AryaOfAryavart Here is Brahmarshi Shatavadhani Shanmukha Sharma declaring that Uttarakanda is authentic. Are you above him?…

Twitter Web App : Who considers Uttarakanda an interpolation?

Certainly not traditional Acharyas.

Certainly not modern Indologists who included Uttarakanda in their critical edition of Valmiki Ramayana.

There is not a single complete historical Valmiki Ramayana manuscript without Uttarakanda!…

Twitter Web App : I am receiving flak for this tweet because I wrote "death"

I advise you to read Valmiki Ramayana.

Valmiki himself uses मृत्यु in Uttarakanda. Yes, Rama is the God of the Universe and he has no death but as human incarnate his human body certainly had when he walked into waters…

Twitter Web App : The difference is that Islamists succeeded in performing a complete genocide of Budddhists in Afghanistan.

The no of Buddhists in Afghan is 0. So it was easy to destroy Bamiyan Buddhas.

Whereas Hindus survived, fought against the same power and are reclaiming their temples…

Twitter Web App : The Ashvins are his ears (अश्विनौ चापि कर्णौ). Surya and Candra are his eyes (सूर्याचन्द्रामसौ दृशौ). Brahma is his heart. Devi Sarasvati is his tongue (जिह्वा देवी सरस्वती). Agni is his anger (अग्निः कोपः). The other Gods are all hair follicles on his limbs (देवा रोमाणि)

Twitter Web App : No.Lord Rama is not just a human according to Valmiki Ramayana. In Valmiki Ramayana (6.117), Brahma describes Rama as eighth Rudra(रुद्राणामष्टमो) and Narayana (भवान्नारायणो देवः). He is imperishable (अक्षरं),eternal (अन्ते चादौ च). He is creator of the worlds(लोकानामादिकर्ता)…

Twitter Web App : FAKE quote.

During Champaran Satyagraha, he only said that although he respected law, he had to abide by "higher law" by which he meant "the law of conscience".

But he never uttered these words. To fabricate quotes and place them in context of SC judgement is a new low…

Twitter Web App : Imam means a servant of Allah.

Lord Rama is not Imam of anybody. He is the God himself.

Iqbal wanted demolition of all idols of Hindustan, just like today's Taliban. He praised Jihadi murderer Ilmuddin. He is the pioneer of the idea of Pakistan and we have no regards for him.…

Twitter Web App : I am also a Hindu and I want your house to be converted to a free public toilet that could be used by all citizens.

My opinion on your house matters as much as yours on Ayodhya.…

Twitter Web App : Karachi is not a Turkish, Arabic, Persian or Islamic name.

Karachi/Kolachi is the Sindhi name of the same Goddess who is known as " Hingula Devi" in India dedicated to whom there is a major Shaktipeeth in Hinglaj, Balochistan…

Twitter Web App : ਜੋਧਸਿੰਘ Why do you want to create a "local bairagi group" and attribute idol installation to them when no such thing exists. I believe it stems from your personal wish that "a Nihang should have nothing to do with an idol and if a primary source says otherwise it should be dismissed"

Twitter Web App : ਜੋਧਸਿੰਘ As I have shown, when outsiders talk about Nihangs, they sometimes refer to Nihangs as Bairagis. The primary source I posted VERY CLEARLY says that it was the Nihang Sardar Singh himself who installed the idol with his own hands. And these Nihangs were NOT joined by anyone else

Twitter Web App : ਜੋਧਸਿੰਘ The sources only talk about Nihangs who took over Babri and installed idol. The sources make absolutely no mention about "local bairagi sadhus" joining them on 30th. Nobody else was present except Nihang and his 25 followers. This is completely a product of your own thought.