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iPhone : I’m not ready for bed, just sitting in it a avoiding the tv and procrastinating carrying the ladder upstairs so H can electrocute himself accidentally.

iPhone : My cat doesn’t understand me being in bed before dark because she doesn’t understand football.

iPhone : Cary It’s programmed so I knew it’d self-correct overnight but it was super hot. We’re one day away from breaking a heat record.

iPhone : This has been such a waste of a day. I’ve written one test and tested nothing. Just stuck in every direction.

iPhone : “Republican leaders in Texas have decided not to push back against Trump’s rhetoric, and the political costs are becoming starker.” twitter.com/KUT/status/116…

iPhone : Damnzzelle I could not understand a word she said. After trying several times before I understood she was asking me if I wanted eyebrow or lip wax I just started saying “ok” and hoping.

iPhone : I just went to turn down the upstairs AC because it’s super hot and someone had already set it to 64. I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see.

iPhone : If your goal is to spend the entire weekend on the couch a sudden mysterious foot ailment is quite convenient.