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Twitter for iPad : Texas Has Been The Testing Ground for Defending Power Grids From EMPs.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is Energy Secretary.
Has Perry Been Preparing the National Power Grid?
popularmechanics.com/military/resea… via Popular Mechanics

Twitter for iPad : "On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump issued an executive order excusing federal employees from duty on Dec. 24. All federal offices will be closed."


Twitter for iPad : What's happening in the UK?
What's happening in Brussels?
Prime Minister stepping down?
What's happening in France?
What about Canada?
An awakening?
The word is changing.
If you only know where to look.

Twitter for iPad : Arlington's closed?....Think
Soon to be no new tenants....
We no longer serve you....It's over
May I take your coat for you sir?

#USMC #USAF #ARMY #NAVY #commanderinchief #potus

Twitter for iPad : It's all been arranged....
The hard part is done....
JFK Jr. will await their arrival....
January EO makes it all possible....
Thank you for your service....#19712011

#gitmobound #qarmy #wwg1wga Donald J. Trump

Twitter for iPad : For all you who continue to allow your imagination and emotions to run wild, calm down.

Come 8PM tonight all of you will be following the next shiny object and forget about all of this.

We are fine. Nothing changed. You unwisely got your hopes up. twitter.com/dsamuelsohn/st…

Twitter for iPad : Have Facebook? Did you know Facebook gave Spotify and Amazon access to your private Facebook messages? nytimes.com/2018/12/18/tec… Sheera Frenkel

Twitter for iPad : MUST SEE!


Bill Gates says that“if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services we can LOWER the POPULATION by 10-15%”

Start @ 3:41-4:45 minutes

They don’t even hide their agenda



Twitter for iPad : Imagine you’re playing basketball and your team suddenly turns on you, trying to steal the ball from you. Not only do you have the other team trying to beat you, but now your own team is against you. Imagine how hard it is to win.

That is Trump everyday in DC. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Twitter for iPad : The Senate did it’s job tonight in an incredibly bipartisan fashion by passing the First Step Act! When both sides work together in good faith with the White House lots can be accomplished for the benefit of America! A job well done to all!

Twitter for iPad : Let’s get to work on these ‘other ways’. Better border security shouldn’t be partisan. My question to Democrats: if you don’t want a wall, what other options will you consider to secure our border? Open border is not sustainable. twitter.com/nro/status/107…

Twitter for iPad : So Van Crack had already read Flynn’s brief before they gave to the court, making their terse response even more lame🙄 twitter.com/techno_fog/sta…

Twitter for iPad : Now the Special Counsel offers his own mea culpa on the treason question.

The govt has no reason to believe that the defendant committed treason