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iPhone : Maddow just reported that the U.S. has nuclear weapons in NE Syria that were being held safely because of U.S. alliance with the Kurds. Now the Dept of Defense & the Pentagon are trying to figure out a way to safely bring these weapons home. U.S. troops are in harms way now.

iPhone : When Ohio released a list of people it planned to strike from its voting rolls, around 40,000 people shouldn’t have been on it. The state only found out because of volunteer sleuthing. nytimes.com/2019/10/14/us/…

iPhone : Barr called for religion (his religion) to infiltrate government at all levels. He specifically decried the fact that “public agencies — including public schools — are becoming secularized.” How can an AG push for a theocracy? He must be impeached. washingtonpost.com/opinions/welco…

iPhone : Dear Allies:

Please don't abandon us. We don't support the policies of our bat-shit crazy President. On Jan 20,2021 we will swear in a new Democratic President and we will try to repair our relationship with you.

Concerned Americans


iPhone : “Bolton instructed Fiona Hill to notify the chief lawyer for the NSC that Giuliani was working with Mick Mulvaney, White House chief of staff, on a rogue operation with legal implications, Ms. Hill told the investigators...” nytimes.com/2019/10/14/us/…

iPhone : .Donald J. Trump: You’re incompetent and ignorant, and you’ve failed miserably, having made a colossal geopolitical blunder of historic significance. No amount of your desperate, whiny, and pathetic tweeting can undo that simple fact. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

iPhone : Small-dollar grassroots campaigns, aka what Buttegieg insults here as “pocket change,” out-fundraise him by millions.

Our nation’s leaders should be working to end the era of big money politics, not protect it.

& Beto’s gun policy isn’t “picking a fight,” it’s taking a stand. twitter.com/peterhamby/sta…

iPhone : i saw the video - my comment - impeach and remove #noDistractions #TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks

iPhone : “Foreign policy is what I’ll be remembered for,” Trump said in 2017 after meeting with Putin. Yes, and history will not be kind.

iPhone : You could not make this up!

Giuliani tells Reuters Top News

He he was paid $500,000

-Half a MILLION US Dollars-

For “consultancy” work for

Fraud Guarantee, the company co-founded by indicted Ukrainian-American, Lev Parnas!



iPhone : ‘Vladimir Putin has something on Donald Trump’: Ambassador Sherman says the Kremlin must have kompromat


iPhone : John Bolton called the lawyers because he was worried Giuliani and Sondland were committing crimes...man this is far worse than we thought. And all these people were just going to hide all of this.

The whistleblower is an American hero. twitter.com/npfandos/statu…

iPhone : Matt Gaetz getting kicked out of a meeting he knew full well he wasn't supposed to be a part of feels like a publicity stunt, but, to be fair, it's also possible he just wandered in there drunk.

iPhone : If Chicago can do it maybe every place he wants to have a rally can do it! Stop him from inciting hate and legitimizing crime.


iPhone : These 8 Department of Justice top Officials have all resigned or been fired since IT stole the presidency.


We need to hear from them ALL!