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Bio Tech Misanthropologist writing shitposts and litposts. Shitposter Advocate. Filed for Fuckruptcy. Building @SelfDefinedApp && @DevsOfColour && @StyleDotCSS.
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iPhone : 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽
Give me your *favourite* piece of print design.
I’ll recreate it in code and build a tutorial out of it on my 10h flight.

I’d love a challenge!

iPhone : People with the power to fix things lack the perspective to do so.
People with the perspective to fix things lack the power to do so.

power++ → external && systemic change
perspective++ → internal && individual change

We’ve given our perspective.
You need to give up power.

iPhone : I should be in jail after my most recent run in with law enforcement. My attitude toward those encounters is that jail is an upgrade from life on the street, thus they don’t want to arrest me so play it cool. I’ve failed in no way, beyond refusing to accept shitty managers. twitter.com/TatianaTMac/st…

iPhone : Racism is a scar that never fully heals—re-opened by well-intentioned words, papercuts of microaggressions, overt racial slurs from friends, lovers; haters; enemies.

It is the thing that society—you, us—refuses to believe, and thusly, will not get past. So I continue to bleed.