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Twitter Web App : Before I walked on stage, Tatiana Mac told me Youre in tech for a reason. The only obligation you have is to speak your truth. Tell your story.

With those words in mind, I told my story from my soul to such supportive crew

Link to slides docs.google.com/presentation/d…

Twitter Web App : This. Portland hasn't changed a bit. Comfy whites stayed comfy until Seraw was murdered. Comfy whites were uncomfortable for a few minutes, then elected an anti-Black model minority as mayor. Comfy whites were comfy again. That was three decades ago. Learn. Listen. Grow. Evolve. twitter.com/TatianaTMac/st…

Twitter Web App : Reading white people’s tweets about how “Portland has changed,” “it used to be safe,” & other proclamations of their privileged ignorance on Portland and Oregon’s extremely racist history is not something I need right now.

White friends, please educate yourselves & each other.

Twitter Web App : On one of the hardest weeks of my life, I’m grateful for a group chat where we can make Hot Fuzz puns, then also be very vulnerable and serious about the rise of white supremacy in tech.

I wish for everyone to have real mates like this. Might not be alive without them. 💙

Twitter Web App : Jules Forrest Thank you, Jules! It’s so kind of you to share my site. I’m happy you noticed the details; the site was a delight to design/code in-browser.

Often I think people don’t know or remember that I also design and code. It feels nice to be acknowledged in this capacity. 🤗

Twitter Web App : Ok so August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month.

I was diagnosed in June and I’ve been meaning to do a thread about what it is and how much it’s changing my life.

But y’all. It’s a lot. I’m tired. And sad.

So please go read about gastroparesis. rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/…

Twitter Web App : I’m not home right now, and selfishly grateful.

You take this palpable, violent racism seriously.

I wish you took radicalisation seriously—white power signs in talks, the 30-50 feral hogs.

It doesn’t start in the streets,
It starts here on the web.

We must be *anti-racist.* twitter.com/AndyBCampbell/…