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iPhone : Tiktok is strictly prohibited inside the mosque

Extremely 2019 signage spotted outside Delhi’s 17th-century Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in India.

iPhone : my fellow pun masters & wordplay enthusiasts: i have a request for help with a wedding hashtag (yes, basic!) between my name and my fiancé's — Devjoy Sengupta — i thought i had a winner in #SappilyDeverAfter. but some have expressed disappointment it isn't quippier. any ideas?

iPhone : Ok they win.

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iPhone : “Imagine a world where many people can create audio/video of a president, a candidate, a CEO, a general, a military leader saying and doing anything that you want them to.” A digital forensics professor tells #TheWeeklyNYT about the dangers of deepfakes. nyti.ms/349vVUE

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iPhone : It’s crazy that you can just scroll through someone’s Instagram account while lying at an awkward but comfortable diagonal on the couch and silently learn absolutely every single thing there is to know about them in like seven minutes and a few dozen flicks of a thumb.

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iPhone : Sorry but it’s good. Spotify USA please help!!!

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iPhone : Emily Langston is a student at Brigham Young University's Idaho campus.

She likes school. But she's about to drop out. Why?

Her school won't recognize Medicaid as health insurance.

My latest, about a wild Obamacare controversy, now live 👇


iPhone : "Somehow, all roads in the YouTube beauty world seem to lead back to [Jeffree] Star."

Read Scaachi on Jeffree Star’s decade of transformation. buzzfeednews.com/article/scaach…

iPhone : Here Scaachi goes deep on makeup YouTuber & mid-aughts LA party fixture Jeffree Star:

"His fame is largely a product of his aggressive behavior, and dramatically changing his approach or cleaning up his act would mean losing some part of his audience."


iPhone : Me interviewing Joey Graceffa in 2014 or 15 trying to act like I didn’t worship him for years and dedicate multiple tumblrs to his life