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Buffer : 36% of teachers surveyed by Teacher Tapp said they would be “very likely” to leave the profession if their 13 weeks of holiday time were reduced to 8 weeks. What do you think? bit.ly/2Z5s3FC

Buffer : Teachers keep teaching because they feel a sense of achievement. Does their work give them the feeling that they can achieve something? 62% responded “Always” or “Often”. Only 1% of those polled said they “never”. Tell us your achievements below. bit.ly/2Z5s3FC

TweetDeck : Didn’t want to overshadow all the GCSE awesomeness of the last 2 days, which is a much bigger deal, but ... tiny fanfare... Teacher Tapp reached 5,000 daily users this week and it’s the loveliest thing to see the community learning & growing together 🤗

TweetDeck : Mr D. Scrimgeour Thank you for the feedback - we're hard at work on things behind the scenes to make this aspect of Teacher Tapp more inclusive for teachers in areas other than England and Wales. It's a more complex problem than it might first appear as there are *lots* of education systems.

iPhone : Heres what teachers responded yesterday on ⁦Teacher Tapp

I wonder at the breakdown of respondents. At the start of my career working in an affluent school I’d have picked the money. Now, being so much older and in such a demanding setting I’d go for an extra two weeks.

iPhone : For every question you answer on Teacher Tapp in August, it's like getting a raffle ticket. If you answer every set of the daily three questions you will have 93 tickets in the final draw and could win a CPD library worth up to £300!

iPhone : I’ve been doing this over the summer. I like the tips but I think I really looking at the answers from the day before and seeing where I fit in. twitter.com/TeacherTapp/st…

iPhone : Teacher Tapp has been a very useful tool in my own CPD. I highly recommend teachers download the app. twitter.com/TeacherTapp/st…

iPhone : After months of being painstakingly careful, I managed to cock up the Teacher Tapp prize draw. On the upside, it led to TWO winners and I got to write a blog to explain myself 😳 teachertapp.co.uk/teacher-tapp-r…

iPhone : Always gets you thinking 🤔 and worth a download. #inittowinit twitter.com/TeacherTapp/st… pic.twitter.com/eLBX8jaP6L