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SocialFlow : One girl left her tampon in too long and narrowly escaped death. tnvge.co/SfIpBxr

SocialFlow : Is period sex safe...and, is it better? We've got the answers! 👇 tnvge.co/PqnUWiX

SocialFlow : Today’s wave of Black organizers and activists fit seamlessly into this centuries-long pattern of militant resistance to white supremacy. tnvge.co/QCi2JkT

SocialFlow : "I think before, I didn't want to dream because it felt like those dreams were not mine to have." tnvge.co/luxMPph

SocialFlow : From food waste to fashion, these women are paving the way for innovative solutions: tnvge.co/KqzERtE

SocialFlow : "She has no idea what that even could be or mean, but it just made it that much more fun knowing exactly what A is." tnvge.co/QE5PEPF

SocialFlow : "I think there came a point in my life when I started not to care." tnvge.co/8SY8Xbt

SocialFlow : “Mines aren't going to just target people in the military. The mines are going to take down civilians, the most vulnerable population. They’ve taken down children, animals, mothers, farmers.” tnvge.co/xH6tq09