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iPhone : I did want to post one thing before I go...
He was one of the happiest people I knew & the last person I thought that would take their own life, I thought I would see signs, depression..anything! Sometimes people hide it that well, Please check on your friends & family tonight

iPhone : I’m so proud that California has moved forward with legislation to ban private prisons, including private for-profit ICE immigration detention centers. We need to cut off the private prison industry’s incentive to profit by keeping people in prison and in detention longer.

iPhone : Will Kavanaugh angle for a Trump pardon? Would keep him out of prison, but would end his Supreme Court career.

Or will Kavanaugh cower to Democrats in the feeble hope of keeping his job? Very probably wouldn’t work, and he would be convicted of perjury, which means prison time.

iPhone : Homeless Mom Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Using Friend's Address to Enroll Son in School - People 😡WTF?! Meanwhile...”Call of Duty' gamer Casey Viner solicited a fatal 'swatting' call. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison”😡 apple.news/AQpr18m4XTqCqc…

iPhone : Here is the bottom line: if Kavanaugh had one tiny ounce of integrity, honor, or respect for the institution of the Supreme Court, he would have withdrawn his nomination before.

If he had one ounce of any of that now, he'd resign.

But he doesn't. So he won't.

iPhone : Trump sending a message via Twitter to MBS that the US is "locked and loaded" after attack on Saudi oil field.

"Depending on verification"?

From who Mr President? Our own US intelligence, or whatever Vladimir Putin tells you?


iPhone : Our justice system is basically telling survivors "don't come forward if your rapist is a powerful white man because we don't care and we won't do a damn thing about it."

Fucking sickening.

iPhone : Trump spent four hours golfing yesterday and is currently golfing. Trump’s the laziest, most corrupt and useless fake president ever. He didn’t even win the popular vote and his rallies have the smallest, most pathetic attendance numbers ever. Lowest rated fake president ever. 🇺🇸

iPhone : Donald Trump: I’m ordering the Department of Justice to commit felony obstruction of justice in order to protect my criminal Supreme Court pick.

Joe Biden: fifty years ago I unfairly insulted a gang member named Corn Pop.

If this is the 2020 matchup, I know who I’m voting for.

iPhone : Conservatives:
"Guns are more important than life"
"Trans people are not people"
"Women are breeding stock"
"People of color are dumb"
"Rapes are victims' fault"
"Gays are abominations"
"Muslims are terrorists"

Also conservatives:
"Why does everyone hate us?"