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iPhone : He introduces himself as General Stewart. It’s then said that he’s John’s step father. So John is actually John Stewart. #Arrowverse #Arrow

iPhone : HOLD THE HELL UP! In last years Arrowverse crossover The Flash from Earth 90 said John Diggle wasn’t wearing his ring on this earth, everyone took this to mean he was a Green Lantern on Earth 90. But in episode 19 of Arrow season 7 John and Oliver go to meet with “The General”.

iPhone : I’m fine with straying from the source material, but at least make a good movie? #BatmanHush #Batman #Hush #DCUniverse

iPhone : Shout out to Bleeding Cool Rich Johnston for continuing to be scum and calling Amanda Waller “The Jeffrey Epstein of DC” based on a single line about suicide in #EventLeviathan 3. Clearly done just to get hits.

Also they have seemingly deleted my comment about it being scummy.

iPhone : My boyfriend literally has no problem making friends with anybody...

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iPhone : Counterpoint: Here is Lindsey Lohan in Parent Trap. twitter.com/tomtaylormade/… pic.twitter.com/tGj1iXE97n

iPhone : Just saw a group of comic fans blame Tom King for the 3 Jokers story. Which A) Has not started and B) has nothing to do with Tom King.

Comic book fans really are terrible. #comicbooks #Batman #Joker #DCComics

iPhone : So the New Gods Movie has to at the very least end with The child treaty and set up a Mister Miracle Movie, if it’s not already partially a Mister Miracle Movie, right? #dccomics #NewGods