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Twitter Web App : A very rare depiction of a young/beardless Parthian King. Pacorus II took the throne at the age of 16 in the late 70s AD upon the death of his father, Vologases I. Early in his reign, he was forced to confront revolts by the rival Parthian princes Vologases II and Artabanus III.

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Deposing the last Seleucid King, Antiochus XIII, wasnt enough for Pompey. He soon ordered Samsigeramus, ruler (phylarch) of the Emesene tribe, to kidnap and kill him. Samsigeramus was rewarded by Rome with the role of local client king.

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Late in his reign, the Egyptian pharaoh Ptolemy XII Auletes was only clinging to power on the strength of Roman loans, doled out by the new Triumvirate of Caesar, Pompey & Crassus. In 58 BC, he was forced into exile with his young daughter, Cleopatra.

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Pompey expelled Antiochus (XIII) from the government of Syria, although he had done the Romans no wrong since it was unseemly for the Seleucidae, whom Tigranes had dethroned, to govern Syria rather than the Romans who had conquered Tigranes. - Appian

Twitter Web App : Bronze portrait medallion of the Roman emperor Caracalla who was killed #OTD in 217.
The emperor is depicted as a Sun-god in a generals costume. The medallion probably comes from a standard of the Praetorians, in whose camp in Rome it was allegedly found (has diam. 18.4 cm).

Twitter Web App : RT ahencyclopedia Today in #history: Emperor Caracalla is assassinated. He is succeeded by his Praetorian Guard prefect, Marcus Opellius Macrinus. (217 CE) #OnThisDay

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