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Wildmoka : As Congress cast their historic impeachment proceeding vote, and the country celebrates Halloween, Trump and his campaign decided to throw a Witch Hunt party.

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Wildmoka : .Rep. Pramila Jayapal on House Dems impeachment strategy going beyond Ukraine:

I think we are going to try to be focused, and just bring forward the things that are most important for us to vote on, because they are serious betrayals of the Constitution.

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Wildmoka : Judiciary Committee Member Rep. Pramila Jayapal on todays historic House vote on impeachment proceedings:

It was a really sad day that we are at this point, where we had to cast a vote about an inquiry into presidential abuse of power.

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Wildmoka : WATCH: Tim Morrison joins a long list of witnesses who said Trump sought a quid pro quo, including Trumps top aide Mick Mulvaney, who admitted to the bribery plot on live TV.

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Twitter Web App : TODAY: Former National Security Aide Tim Morrison, who listened to Trump's call with the President of Ukraine, testified before Congress behind closed doors. Morrison corroborated testimony that Trump sought a quid pro quo with Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden.

Wildmoka : What do we know about todays impeachment inquiry vote? Ari Melber explains the key takeaways:

1) The vote moves the investigation into a public phase
2) The vote forced politicians to reveal where they stand
3) And, it exposes Trumps objections and bluff on stonewalling

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Wildmoka : WATCH: As Dems are closer than impeaching President Trump than ever before, House leaders pleaded their case saying the American Democracy is at stake.

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Twitter Web App : Thanks to our viewers — you all smashed some records!
• An average of 1.8 million people watched The Beat per night in October
• The Beat broke records by drawing more than 800,000 more viewers per night than CNN at 6pm
• More people watched The Beat than any other hour of CNN

TweetDeck : BREAKING: US House passes a resolution approving procedures for its impeachment inquiry into President Trump, opening a new and public phase of the process.