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Twitter Web Client : Barts are an indication of the last throes of a bearish bias in a changing market IMO. Great way to accumulate btc is to get bulls to sell to you hoping they can rebuy cheaper after crushing their dreams over and over and over

Twitter Web Client : Fin/With the cursor on Jan. 4th, you can see the $BTC in the Test2 wallet became long-term GAINS, so you should probably not sell it.

Using this tool can save you a lot come tax season. Start tracking your portfolio for free on #ad

Twitter Web Client : 3/Drag the cursor to the date where you'd like to view your short-term and long-term gains for each wallet.

If you'd like to sell the BTC in the Test1 wallet, you could report short-term LOSSES. Sell the BTC in the Test2 wallet, you would create a short-term GAIN.

Twitter Web Client : 2/You can use to figure it out for you.

They have a tool that shows you the amount of loss you can report on each of your coins at a certain time in the future. I'll demonstrate below: