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Bio We help run #TheResistance and established the #ImpeachmentTaskForce. We campaign for Dems, fight foreign influence & have unrivaled online organizing program.
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TweetCaster for iOS : A short while ago, men such as Robert Mueller, William Taylor, and Alexander Vindman would have been pin-ups for (us) American conservatives: decorated combat veterans; patriots; straight arrows. The urge to prop up Trump changed all of this. A heartbreaking and infuriating era.

TweetCaster for iOS : Breaking via NYT: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman told House investigators that the White House transcript of a July call between President Trump and Ukraine's president omitted crucial words and phrases, and that his attempts to restore them failed.…

TweetCaster for iOS : We mashed up Barack Obama’s Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump’s al-Baghdadi speech, and the results are amazing

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TweetCaster for iOS : Who knows what will happen on impeachment or more broadly with Trump or Trumpism? But I’ll say this: I look at the public servants Trump is labeling #NeverTrump, and I look at the hacks defending Trump, and I’m proud to be on the side I’m on.

Twitter Web App : The daytime host railed against traitorous Fox News and CNN conservative pundits who accused the combat-wounded veteran of being a Ukrainian double agent.

Tell Congress to impeach #TraitorTrump here:…

Twitter Web App : A Trump Cover-Up: An official who listened to Trump's Ukraine call testified that the reconstructed transcript omitted key details that he tried to restore.

Tell Congress to impeach this criminal president here:…

Twitter Web App : "What happened Sunday only felt revolutionary because it broke the bubble, allowed reality into the reality show that is the Trump presidency."

Tell Congress to impeach this criminal president here:


Twitter Web App : #DonTheCon strikes again: In nearly three years, the debt rose 15% — from $19.9 trillion to $22.9 trillion.…

TweetCaster for iOS : My colleagues & I will always defend whistleblowers, inside and outside our hearings.

The whistleblower pulled a fire alarm. 1st responders showed up and saw smoke, flames, and Donald J. Trump holding a gas can with matches. Does it matter who pulled the fire alarm?

TweetCaster for iOS : There are a lot of "Trump-Conflicted" conservatives out there who hang on to the story that, despite it all, there's still a lot to like about this presidency ... and Trump's deregulation is offered at the top of the list. Per Catherine Rampell, that should stop.…

Twitter Web App : Now that our #ImpeachmentTaskForce ad is approved to run on both CNN and Fox & Friends, we decided it's time that we blanket the great state of Maine, where embattled Republican Sen. Susan Collins is facing a tough re-election.

Will you chip in?


TweetCaster for iOS : Senate Republicans who are still defending Trump are friggin’ idiots. Can’t they see there’s much more damaging info yet to come out and the dam is about to break wide open?

TweetCaster for iOS : The pinnacle of Republican corruption is vilifyin’ a career public official and Purple Heart war hero while defendin’ an immoral 5-time draft dodgin’ serial sex offender.

Twitter Web App : My latest Occupy Democrats

Speaker Pelosi just unveiled an #impeachment resolution that will neuter Trump's House Republican allies.

Chairman Schiff or staff lawyers will get 90-minutes to start each public House Intel hearing.


TweetCaster for iOS : John Yoo and Laura Ingraham are chicken shit for attacking Vindman. So are all Trump GOP enablers. #ChickenShitGOP #ImpeachmentTaskForce…

Twitter Web App : "After years of horrifying footage of people wildly cheering Trump's deranged rambling at his rallies, it's reassuring—restorative, even!—to know that the rest of the country hasn't forgotten how to greet tyrants."


TweetCaster for iOS : I really try to give this weirdo the benefit of the doubt sometimes. I was like oh maybe he isn’t carrying a bag. But he is.…

TweetCaster for iOS : The House will vote on Thursday to move forward on open hearings as we set out the process for the next phase of our inquiry. Americans will get to hear about the President’s abuse of power firsthand. I gather Republican Leaders do not actually want that after all. #TruthExposed…