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Twitter Web App : Time to hold the lawyers accountable. The DC Rules of Professional Conduct define misconduct as "conduct that seriously interferes with the administration of justice." Every WH lawyer who facilitates obstruction of Congress through bogus privilege claims violates this rule.…

Twitter Web App : Put Down Whatever Youre Drinking...
(sound on🔊😏)
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Twitter Web App : Fmr. U.S. Solicitor General Charles Fried on Trump floating pardons for possible crimes: "This is the essence of tyranny and lawlessness. Nothing this norm-defying man has done or threatened cuts as close to the principle that we are a government of laws."

Twitter Web App : "It is so very dangerous when Trump dangles the suggestion of a pardon before his underlings for whatever crime they might commit in spending money & taking property to build a border wall for which Congress has denied ... promises a pardon before the fact, using it as leverage."…

Twitter Web App : Kamala is falling in the polls, but here is an idea. How about making her the next AG and turn her loose on trump and all of the corrupt GOP. That, would be fun

Twitter Web App : Its ALWAYS the Repugnicans. State senator from PA caught w child pornography. Getting sick of their self rightous bullshit.…

Twitter Web App : The Hummingbird 🐦 Donald John Trump is an incompetent prick; he never should have been president. The sooner we can get him out, the better—Indictment, forced resignation, removal through the 25th Amendment, House Impeachment & Removal by Senate, ousted in the 2020 election…Just get rid of him!

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Two injuries have been reported after an explosion at the McDonogh School in Baltimore. DETAILS:

Twitter Web App : Looks like tropical storm #Jerry might be a hurricane by the weekend ........ People in Denial welcome to #ClimateChangeForDummies 101= today we will cover/learn = that NEVER in the history of man have we had this many hurricanes / ice melting / #ClimateRefugees / earthquakes etc

Twitter Web App : BREAKING Amazing!!! Trump 100% fucked our Military for this fucking wall, WHICH MEXICO IS NOT GOING TO PAY FOR!!! Read the link! Your wall is below Fat Ass!!! P.S. Tits when are you going to reimburse your $538M in taxpayer paid for golf outings?!!!…

Twitter Web App : Since Corey R. Lewandowski is in Congressional hearing & continues to obstruct justice, the Sergeant-At-Arms should arrest him.

Btw, did you know "Ttump" said Hope Hicks was "the best piece of tail" Corey would have?
So (cl)assy!💋
Porter still with Hicks❓😂🖕…

Twitter Web App : Like the confirmation hearings, “the new information about a short-circuited investigation of victims’ claims isn't only about one SC justice. It’s about how women & sexual assault survivors are fed up with feeling silenced.” By me ⁦USA TODAY Opinion⁩…