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Phil Rostaing, Human Person

Bio Game Director @lesaffranchis. Past works include #FloorKids #Toothsavers #Aquaverse #LeJeuTVA...
He/him. Maintaining a tenuous hold on reality. I love you all.

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Android : As a reminder, the whole idea of "alpha" and "beta" in group dynamics was based on observations of captive wolf populations and is not actually how wolves behave in the wild. The author has been trying to debunk the influence of his OWN RESEARCH on pop culture for years.…

Twitter Web App : every time blizzard purports to make a game about a better world, battling against an unfair status quo, or empowering marginalized people, think about this. think about the company's real world actions when money is on the line…

Twitter Web App : All the world's a stage and- oh there's some dust accumulating in the corner ther- my god that scaffolding is going to collapse any minute we- are the god damn curtains on fire? Why are all the ushers screaming and running in circles?! WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THIS PLACE??

Android : Not satisfied with merely saying a racist dog whistle in the debate, the Bloc went and done twittered it.…

Android : A game selling “time savers” is a game admitting it’s bad. It’s saying there’s clear value on playing the game less, simple as that.

Android : “Canada will never be the same now that these names are known.” Names of 2,800 Indigenous children who died in residential school have been published. The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation says most accurate number is 4,200. It is working to identity names. #cdnpoli

Twitter Web App : There’s a button. If you press it, all of world hunger and climate change will be solved and you and everyone else will have stable access to a safe home.


All of the world’s billionaires and multi-millionaires will lose some of their money and power.

Do you push it?

Twitter Web App : at some point we need to fundamentally interrogate models of mental health that have pathologized everything from nonwhite cultural norms to neuroatypicality to queerness while telling us people who sell bombs and put children in cages are 'healthy'