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iPhone : Labour MP’s standing for leadership should have the approval of the members & not just the PLP. Last time I checked my membership card had “democratic socialist” Party printed on it. This isn’t a very democratic process.

iPhone : Snobs may sneer but Greggs is actually a better employer than most. Recognises the bakers trade union, profit share bonus, living wage employer.
Not just cosmetic diversity showcasing.…

iPhone : First post critical of Corbyn !
The enthusiasm on Twitter these past years has been glorious. As the leadership contest starts in full my feelings are despondent & flat. JC & JMc have gone without ensuring succession.
That army of unwavering support is now fracturing & its sad

iPhone : That was basically a very long winded way of saying that the United States will not retaliate against Iran and that - for now - there will be no escalation.

iPhone : Though I’d say that only works with social mobility upward. If mum and dad can still protect you financially and you’re set to inherent money/opportunities can’t claim working classhood like the OG working class folks.

Here come the butthurt Centrists...

iPhone : If one more person tries to convince me Keir Starmer is working class...

Once you’re past 25, it’s not your parent’s job, salary or address that decides your class, it’s yours.

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iPhone : The way unions feed decisions into the Labour Party needs to be democratised. No more back room deals. Union members must be allowed to democratically decide in proper open votes.…

iPhone : This strikes me as a total stitch up by Unison.
This is why our systems of collective bargaining need overhauling as much as everything else.…