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Twitter Web App : We regret that this Saturday 19th Oct we will have to close our business so our staff can attend the #PeoplesVoteMarch

Any brexit will be terrible for our business as importers of italian seeds, and 4 the people of #Harrow

See you there. Sat 19th midday. Country before self.

iPhone : When a woman talks to a man, she is thinking of his future (his earning potential etc.)

When a man talks to a woman, he is thinking of her past (how old is she? her weight? her history?)

It shows that guys are free to make mistakes, as women look at your future, not your past.

Twitter Web App : Philippa Whitford .... the most level headed, sensible mp I have heard in a long time. I am thinking of uprooting my family to Scotland #bbcqt

iPhone : For bigots with an aversion to education:

A social construct or construction concerns the meaning, notion, or connotation placed on an object or event by a society, & adopted by the inhabitants of that society with respect to how they view or deal with the object or event.

iPhone : No one should be in any doubt. When we get to December 2020, which will come around fast, they will throw Britain off a cliff and get their dream: a no deal crash out WTO Brexit. We are being played again. #chaos #power #kleptocracy

Twitter Web App : Interesting how the right is cock a hoop today. They know that if this deal gets through (especially with Labour votes), the left/libs are smashed for the foreseeable future. Not just about getting Brexit “done”. It’s about so much more. Stakes could not be higher.

Twitter Web App : He really is a gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.......…

Android : When your freedom of movement, and that of your children, grandchildren, parents, friends etc. is taken away, remember Johnson’s smirk.

When our NHS, public services, industries etc. become critically understaffed, because they can’t recruit from EU, remember Johnson’s smirk.

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iPhone : Welcome news that to go with the new focus on head injuries, there is now a potential treatment that stops smaller bleeds from becoming worse if given within three hours of the injury.
#headinjuries #strokemedications…