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iPhone : A challenge from the first #NHLGWC champion.

Whos ready to take on Erik Tammenpää next year!?👇

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iPhone : Zach The main thing 14 got trashed for was the puck bounces off of dump-ins. The rest of the game was perfect in my opinion.
There were plenty of glitch goals, but the majority were easy to pull off so you knew to play defense better and not give those free opportunities away

iPhone : Lets close out NHL 18 on a good note and move to bigger and better things in 19. I’m excited for you all to see the trailer tomorrow. I’ll be able to talk about the released features with you. Goodnight.

iPhone : I had become the unofficial eSports guy on twitter, with players, fans, eSports orgs and media constantly communicating with me.

This has personally opened so many doors for myself, and as a result I should have an announcement to make soon 👀

iPhone : I would like to thank Simplicity.Grazz for letting be be his guest at the Stamford Regional, rickchel for the hospitality, and Rehanek for driving us there.
It has been one of my most memorable experiences so far in videogaming. I thank everyone that I have met through this.

iPhone : The viewership numbers on twitch far exceeded my expectations, with it peaking around 28,000 viewers was incredible. For reference, the Call of Duty #CWLAnaheim had around 25-30k viewers this past weekend (except when OpTic played). #NHLGWC

iPhone : To the point I decided to tweet/promote it as best I could with the social media presence I currently have.

While I had many issues with the #NHLGWC format, (sorry TDI and Nasher for the constant DMs), overall I think it was a great first step for the NHL franchise in eSports.

iPhone : After weeks of spamming your timelines of updates during the online qualifiers, posting #NHLGWC regional brackets, and answering and explaining the tournament rules and format to people; it’s finally over.

I was not affiliated in any way with the tournament, I just enjoy eSports

iPhone : Now that twitter has died down a bit, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone and everyone that followed me or interacted with me because of the #NHLGWC . Thread:

iPhone : The kid finally changes from the legendary Distinct Oohwayy logo after 6 years. #NewProfilePic

Twitter Web Client : Rod Breslau Feel free to DM me about any and all things NHL eSports.

I'm part of a focus group for EA Sports that does playtesting /feedback for upcoming NHL games. Used to be a top player, and have followed along with the #NHLGWC tournament since the online qualifiers began months ago.