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Bio Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder
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Android : Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents ever

America elected a community organizer to fulfill the role of Commander in Chief.

After 8 years of Obama, the black community was set back 50 years of progress.😡

MLK would roll over in his grave.

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Android :… Economists Resoundingly Agree; Trump Is Direct Reason For Economic BOOM… … New York nears 4% GDP said to B an impossibility. Well, yes, with a politician, but Trump is a wise experienced BUSINESSMAN. Big difference!…

Android : #DemsLoseBlackVote #ProsecuteVoterFraud #DemsRinosOut #IndictBrennanClapperMueller #ConfirmAppointments #LockUpMcCabeComey #ImpeachRosenstein #BuildTheWall #DefundSanctuaryCities #MoreBoltonPurge #NoDealsForTraitorsObamaClinton #ProsecutePP #2AForever #PrayAmerica #FullDisclosure…

Android : President Trump has solidified his name in the history books as greatest President Trump of all time.

✔Ended Korean War
✔Decimated ISIS
✔Revitalized US Economy
✔Strong National Security
✔Jobs Jobs Jobs
✔Tax Cuts
✔Dragon Energy👌

Were NOT Tired Of Winning!

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Android : Logical President Trump Youre delusional.

Obama, Clinton & McCain created ISIS.

Their goal was to destabilize the Middle East, in order to mobilize drug/human trafficking throughout the region without ramifications.

They took out Khadafi in Lybia & allowed Americans to die in Benghazi.


Android : His mindset; destabilize our country slowly, get us into one world government and be in the mix with the bigwigs in power! DICTATORSHIP WAS ALMOST HERE!!!…

Android : Best news for education in 60 years⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️🇺🇸…

Android : Alfie Evans has died

Socialized Healthcare systems continue to cost innocent lives

Reminder Democrats want that in America

Also a reminder millions of babies have died because Democrats support abortion

Say no to Socialism and Communist Policies

Android : Technology has become so advanced that faces can be digitally stitched onto someone else in videos, delivering a fake news message.

A new Jordan Peeled-backed PSA uses Obama & AI to warn against the proliferation of fake news.👇… via @Mashable

Android : In December, a complaint was filed against Hillarys campaign, DNC, Dem State Parties & Dem Donors for using straw men to circumvent donation limits & then launder the💲back to her campaign.
$84mill in #Crooked funds may be the LARGEST CAMPAIGN FINANCE SCANDAL in US History!