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Android : Gavin Free MarkHoHoHoHamill Adrian Edmondson When a random Adrian Edmondson pops up in your feed like...

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Android : TechteamGB Windows UK To be fair, it wasn't paid for, for a whole year. Hence the inclusion in the original package.

But now you can only buy it they really should take out the bloatware. It just clogs the machine up, so to speak, needlessly.

Android : ToProForuGames Everything pre-Black Ops 2 was good. After it got boring. The characters changed. Totally destroyed the flow of gameplay, people I played with likewise moved on from Zombies.

So I'm assuming this is your own opinion. Which is nice and fair. But damn, you got me all confused.

Android : Gavin Free It's the same how manufacturers such as Samsung sell "4K Blu-Ray" players. When in fact they only upscale Blu-ray's to 4K and don't actually play any movies in 4K. But can use 4K discs.

So technically it's true, but they aren't native 4K Blu-Ray players. It's annoying.

Android : Gavin Free It's essentially upscaling.

Some argue upscaling looks better, some argue it looks worse. But realistically it shouldn't look any different than the base resolution.

So yeah, it's a scam, but it isn't illegal.

Android : TechteamGB If people don't understand what net neutrality is, all they have to know is if it sticks. People could be charged more by their ISP's, and more for specific services, such as Netflix. Say one would be charged an additional $40 a month just to get good Netflix streaming.

Android : TechteamGB Yep, and on top of that, in the US they had ISP's such as Comcast literally promise they wouldn't change how their customers data is used and recieved (E.g. "no throttling").

And then they went and did exactly that immediately.

Android : TechteamGB Yeah. It's really decent, there are some slight visual issues and slightly increased latency for non-steam games and fullscreen programs, but it works, much better than Moonlight which I was using before. And flawless for Steam games too.

Android : TechteamGB Steam Link actually works for more than Steam Games. I use it to stream the Witcher 3 on GOG to my tablet. You can also see a desktop view and use any fullscreen program.

Android : Domenius Overclockers UK Significantly better. I'd say about %25 better, at least.

Closer to a 980Ti in performance but not exactly that level. Better than GTX 980, Somewhere in between the two.

Will do 60FPS at 1080p just fine at High settings on 99% of games. Or 4K 30FPS at High or Ultra settings.

Android : Overclockers UK I guess the i5 6600k to the Ryzen 1700.

You know when you consider that Ryzen really put it in to context just how crap Intel CPU's really are, not just for the money, but in general. 4 core 4 thread CPU that could not even last 2 years before becoming a bottleneck.

Android : If you can imagine one of these things as a velociraptor debowling you, how much worse would it be to have the damn thing mimicking your screams back at you as it does it? Yes~ these are the things I think about.…