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iPhone : People praying on the lovely makes me sick. As a long time single I hope I’m never going to be that venerable but you just never know #Catfish

Android : Partita quasi per caso, ufficializziamo la catena di tweet contenenti le foto dei vostri tatuaggi a tinte rossonere. Perche il #Milan è impresso sulla pelle e nel cuore ! #SempreConMe

Mandaci il tuo/tuoi tatuaggi e li condivideremo !!!!! 🔴⚫️💪💪💪💪👇👇👇

Android : Doa untuk orang Sakit

أَسْأَلُ اللَّهَ العَظِيمَ رَبَّ العَرْشِ العَظِيمِ أنْ يَشْفِـــيَكَ
Siapa yang menjenguk orang sakit, yang belum datang ajalnya. Kemudian membaca doa ini di dekatnya sebanyak 7 kali; maka Allah akan menyembuhkannya dari penyakitnya itu.
(HR. Ahmad 2137)

Android : According to Gianluca Di Marzio Milan are reportedly interested in Rodrigo De Paul a meeting has been scheduled for Monday

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Android : Catwalk

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Android : ⛑️ What to do when a players tongue obstructs their airway, by FIFA Medical Network

⚽️ Playing football this weekend? Please, take a minute and have a closer look at this, as it could save someones life!

Download the full poster to use at your club 👇

Twitter Ads Composer : A whole range of special #BlackFriday offers are set to land in our official app from 12:00 GMT on Thursday — dont miss them! 🤩👇

Android : Hvorfor fuck har vi en anden terminsprøve uge når vi har lige haft den for 2 uge siden. Og selvfølgelig har vi trykket danske til eksamen. Kneppe mig i røverne man

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