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Twitter Web App : Installing update to joke, News Corp's app "Knewz"…

Twitter Web App : man: doctor i am depressed
doctor: do not go see pagliacci. see my clown gullbert. he is way funnier than pagliacci. look
*a naked man walks out of a closet and starts doing jumping jacks*
man: i am more depressed now.
doctor (gritting his teeth): I am going to kill you gullbert

Twitter Web App : Elizabeth Warren is like if my mom were a college professor, and that's good enough for me.

Twitter Web App : I think it's a little weird that everyone's pre-judging Sean Spicer being on Dancing With the Stars. We haven't even seen the man dance!

Twitter Web App : A. Koford I always chose to take this as his self-aware critique of being an elitist snob, but that might just be because I loved the band and didn't want to feel like David Byrne was making fun of me

Twitter Web App : I actually did tell the F*R*I*E*N*D*S that life was gonna be this way. But in the fog of their hubris, they could not hear me.

Twitter Web App : One of the dumbest thoughts I regularly have is "if someone more popular had posted this, it would be more popular."

Twitter Web App : Asked my grandpa if he knew anything about fairies from his Irish relatives and he said, “nah,” then (shrugging, matter of fact) “...only that they’re everywhere”

iPhone : Didn’t even really want it, but I was picking up a few things and they said “How about Greenland?” and I was like, sure.

Twitter Web App : This caption isn't really funny I just wanted an excuse to post this classic John Romita drawing of Peter Parker being bad at putting stuff inside a trashcan.

Twitter Web App : Our 30th live show and one of my favorites we've ever done, encore showing in theaters tonight! Locations/tix:…

Twitter Web App : Asking a kid why they're called "podcasts" would go the same as asking a kid what the floppy disk "save" symbol is.

Twitter Web App : You can tell podcasts are a revolutionary new form because they're named after a device nobody's bought in 10 years.