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Twitter Web App : Seriously though, we kid around a lot here on Twitter, but impeach the motherfucker.

iPhone : In an ideal scenario the President of the United States and the worst human being in the world would be two different people.

TweetDeck : You are addicted to your phone.
You are addicted to social media.
You are addicted to the constant following of things and events you can't control.
Read this, put the phone down, and go take a walk.

iPhone : I’ve decided to impeach the human race.

I will need to get the approval of two-thirds of (remaining) animal species.

I like My chances.

TweetDeck : Life's pretty tough right now what with the rainforests burning and Brexit and all that. Thankfully God is here to help, and She's got some pretty strong opinions on how humanity is doing...
#AnActofGod with Zoe Lyons opens on 27th Nov
thevaults.london/an-act-of-god pic.twitter.com/HeApTGS4UQ