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Bio Im not a cat lady. I like fine wine and conflict free coffee. Instagram: Unrealrico
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Twitter Web App : There's a petition to 'hire competant writers for season 8 of HBO's Game of Thrones' to redo the season. And here we are. Alabama is just one Infinity Stone away from undoing the past. #RollTide #HireRicoToWriteForLateNight #Alabama #AlabamaHatesWomen #Thanos

Twitter Web App : Season 5 of #BlackMirror is so meta, it's literally just 4 hours of footage of people trying to be the first ones to post and care more about Black Mirror Season 5.

Twitter Web App : MauLer you are, quite literally, my favorite voice on Youtube. Thanks for keeping passion fucking alive. There are some of us out there starving for your style of no-bullshit objectivity and it's inspiring. Thank you and keep it up, man.

Twitter Web App : This is how I feel when I rap both parts to promiscuous by Timbaland and Nelly Furtado 🤪🤣
lmfao this Snapchat filter thooo 😂
#justforlaughs #comedy

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Twitter Web App : The Sprint "formerly Verizon" guy is the closest we're getting to a real life Bronn in this generation. #GameOfThrones #GoT #Bronn

Instagram : This 'holiday' is not a joke. Stop the insanity.

#AprilFoolsDay #AprilFoolsDay2019 #AprilFools #pregnant #foodbaby #toosoon #ripmitchhedberg #prank #prankgonewrong #pranks… instagram.com/unrealrico/p/B…

Android : Batman became Batman because of childhood trauma with bats (also affluenza, his parents dying and unchecked psychopathy?). I had a bad experience horseback riding as a kid and I'm just waiting to win the lottery so I can figure out a terrifying 'Horseman' crime fighting getup.

Android : If R Kelly just peed on Michael Jackson's corpse, we could have avoided all of this. #Rkelly #MichaelJackson #LeavingNeverland