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Twitter Web App : No matter who we are or where we come from, all of us should have a chance to get on in life.

But millions of us are held back from providing for ourselves and our families.

Working-class families have had enough. We want better.…

Twitter Web App : Trade unions want to see great jobs, world-class public services and worker voice in every part of the country.

The Manifesto for the North launched by business and political leaders today can unlock the economic potential of the whole of the North.…

Twitter Web App : On Tuesday 12 November, McDonald’s workers are going on strike to demand fair wages, guaranteed hours and union recognition. Join a solidarity action near you:… #McStrike

Twitter Web App : Working people pay the price when the economy is weak…

Twitter Web App : GDP growth ranking, 2017-2019

🇬🇧31 (out of 35)

Working people pay the price when the economy is weak. We need better.

TweetDeck : The UK is near the bottom for GDP growth among OECD countries (31st out of 35)

When we needed investment, the govt chose corporate tax cuts

When we needed to rebuild, they chose more austerity

We need leaders who will take on the rigged economy…

Twitter Web App : Today is #NationalStressAwarenessDay - for more than a hundred years unions have fought to make work safe.

We’ve made great progress, but as the challenges evolve so must we.…

iPhone : This week, Microsoft announced that a four-day week trial in their Japanese office boosted productivity by 40 per cent.

If it works for Microsoft it can work for everyone. Let’s make it happen.…

iPhone : Real wages rose every year between 1997 and 2008.

Real wages fell every year bar one between 2008 and 2019.

So the average worker is £14,300 worse off today than if wages had stayed at 2008 levels.

Workers have had enough of this. We want better.…

iPhone : 100 years ago, businesses were arguing that the eight-hour day would make production impossible.

Just 50 years ago, debates about whether a five-day week was affordable were still common.

Trade unions won the argument then and we’ll win it again.…

Twitter Web App : Im going on strike because I want to show my son that theres more to life than poverty, I want to bring myself out of poverty Manuel and Melissa are McDonalds workers going on strike on 12 November for £15/hr, guaranteed hours & a union #McStrike #FastFoodGlobal

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iPhone : Two charts to explain the longest wage squeeze in 200 years.

Real wages 🔺each year
➡️Average worker £32,657 better off than wages @ 1997 levels.

Real wages 🔻every year bar 2009
➡️Average worker £14,300 worse off than wages @ 2008 levels.

We want better.

Twitter Web App : Women’s Council of the Isles standing together to call on all governments to ratify and promote ILO Convention No.190 to eliminate gender-based violence and harassment at work #ThisIsNotWorking

iPhone : Solidarity with UCU members who’ve been forced again to take action against rising pension costs and declining pay and conditions. Time for employers to start taking their demands seriously.…

Twitter Media Studio : Boris Johnsons #Brexit deal would hammer the economy, cost jobs and sell workers’ rights down the river.

Working class families need a deal that protects rights, jobs and peace in Northern Ireland. And its time to give the people the final say with a popular vote on any deal.

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Twitter Media Studio : Grenfell is a symbol of everything thats wrong with Britain. Years of austerity and a system thats rigged against working-class families.

We stand with everyone affected by #Grenfell - and we vow to fight alongside them for justice. 💚

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Twitter Web App : Number of food bank parcels issued:

2013-2014 🔺913,138
2014-2015 🔺1,084,604
2015-2016 🔺1,109,309
2016-2017 🔺1,182,954
2017-2018 🔺1,332,952
2018-2019 🔺1,583,668

No one should have to use a food bank in the 5th richest country in the world.

iPhone : £771 billion
The overall wealth of the richest 1,000 people in the U.K.

Average weekly income for people referred to food banks in the U.K.

This is what a rigged system looks like. Working people deserve better.