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Twitter Web App : AR's Things Wrong With The World

NASA can send pics from MARS but when I walk across the house I have to reconnect to the WIFI

Twitter Web App : To memorialize the nasty DemonRat #HosOfDC I made them a very special video and song that you know they will hate.
What a shame for them if it goes viral 😼😹

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Twitter Web App : A.F. Branco Cartoon: Abstract dailytorch.com/2020/01/cartoo… #ImpeachmentTrials #ImpeachmentHoax #Coupeachment #SchiffShow

Twitter Web App : twitter.com/March_for_Life…

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Twitter Web App : China is quickly building two more temporary hospitals in just days.

Because, well ya know, they have it under control.

Twitter Web App : This is a 21-week-old “fetus” that just happened to be born. Her name is Lyla. She’s healthy, and she’ll turn six in July.

It’s legal to “abort” (that is, kill) babies like Lyla in virtually every state in the country.

How can you defend such evil? twitter.com/ewarren/status…

Twitter Web App : Roger Stone did nothing wrong!

He was the first to support Trump and also wrote the book on the RAPIST, Bill Clinton..

And you know what happens when you mess with a Clinton 😵🔪

Starring Bryson Gray from #MAGACHALLENGE 🙌🇺🇸🎶

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Twitter Web App : #TBT to 10 years ago this week, when I came screeching into cinemas as this “Ice Cream Man” in LEGION.
Thanks to Glenn Hetrick , Rich Mayberry, and the team at what was then Optic Nerve.

Twitter Web App : This is the Democrat’s House Impeachment Manager. Photo taken while hanging with him for a month on a sex vacation with underage children. This is who is saying Trump should be impeached.

Get it now?

(Epstein didn’t kill Himself)

Twitter Web App : CNNs Jeffrey Toobin just injected race-baiting into the #ImpeachmentTrial.

White House and white lawyers, he said.

I wonder if hes taken a look at the CNN Leadership page on their website?