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iPhone : Being really aware of & connected to your core values is what makes the big, seemingly difficult, potentially life-changing decisions, really straightforward. When you know at your core what you truly believe in+why, decision-making becomes simple & opposing views won’t deter you

Twitter Web App : I beg you to drop the hollow “should be” life and live the life you actually want to live.

You’ve only got so many moments left.

Spend them being you.

Twitter Web App : Ciara ✨ Although u didn't mention it, Jewish Mysticism (Kabbala) describes the same pattern of familial venom which is passed down.

Our dysfunctional patterns & behavior stems from the snake that bit Adam & Eve, & each generation is on a journey to heal.

By doing exactly what you said.

Twitter Web App : Excellent synopsis of my entire 5 year Master's degree program in Family Therapy.

Important read.

Good job, Ciara!…

Twitter Web App : If you have a family legacy of negativity, addictions, poverty, divorce, greed or selfishness, you can be the one to put a stop to it. All of us are dealing with issues from our family histories. Sometimes we must confront problems that go back many generations.

Twitter Web App : The choices and decisions we make don’t just affect ourselves, but also our children, grandchildren and future generations yet unborn.

Twitter Web App : Stay tuned for my guidebook that I am creating now. DM me for more information. Together let's break these patterns that are holding you back in your life.