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Sprout Social : “Hi. Are you going to eat that? I’m asking for a friend. He’s standing right behind me.”

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Sprout Social : Bagstock posed for this fantastic headshot. He found it hard to sit still. He pretended to be a statue but that made him giggle because he pondered “who would want a statue of me?!?” Possibly the same person who wanted this headshot.

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Sprout Social : Dorrit has made tea! He prefers tea over coffee because he loves tea pots. Coffee pots are nice too, but they tend to be a little less fancy. No offense to coffee pots.

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Sprout Social : Pip is on a day trip. Before he left the house, he packed a lunch. Unfortunately, she ate the entire meal on the car ride. Now she’s in search of a second lunch. Wish her luck! 📸 : @piptokwgc

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Sprout Social : Boz is heading out into freshly fallen snow to try out his new winter boots. He feels bad leaving prints in the snow after Mother Nature did such a nice job.

📸 : @bozbetty

Sprout Social : Don’t you love Pip’s new pajamas? If dogs can look like clouds, can bears look like mountains?

It’s an age old question.

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Sprout Social : Probably the number one lesson, as to how to get away with murder, is not to be spotted reading a book titled How To Get Away With Murder.

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Sprout Social : Nickleby likes to kick off the morning with a hot cup of java while he’s dreaming big dreams. In case he forgets to dream big, he bought himself this shirt. Right now, he’s dreaming of a second cup of coffee.

📸 : nickleby.tinyhead

Sprout Social : Heep is sad that the holidays are over. He finally perfected the hand turkey.

The hardest part of this particular art form was convincing people to let him borrow their hands.

📸 : @keepupwithheep

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Sprout Social : Pip is spending the winter working on ice sculpture self-portraits. She keeps getting better and better. Although, you’ll notice that the head is, well, not so tiny....

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Sprout Social : Pip once dreamed of competing in the X Games until she fell off a skateboard into a prickly bush. Her dream died that day. Thankfully, it was only one dream — she had a lot more.

Did you draw this? Let us know!

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Sprout Social : If a day without pleasure is a day lost, then a day without chocolate is a day misplaced.

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Sprout Social : The 20s have arrived and so has our first giveaway of the year! 🐯 🐘 Dorrit and Twist are looking for a new home. Want to win? Head to @tinyheadedkingdom on Instagram to enter!

Sprout Social : Pip is heading off for a day of reading. She loves to sit on a park bench, get deep into a book, and occasionally read out loud to the pigeons.

But the birds have such short attention spans.

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iPhone : It’s the last day of 2019 and Pip is making final outfit decisions for the big bash tonight. Is Pip showing off too much ear?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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