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iPhone : This could be the turning point in the struggle against coronavirus.

But why hasn’t the World Health Organisation consulted Mumford & Sons or Chaka Khan?

This kind of negligence costs lives. twitter.com/pinknews/statu…

iPhone : Just wanted to say that I think the pandemic is a bad thing and I care about the elderly and the vulnerable.

Please retweet so that everyone can appreciate my commendable moral stance.

iPhone : "If it wasn’t for the celebrities out there putting themselves on the front line this past couple of weeks in the midst of a global crisis, I’m not sure how I would have remained relatively sane," writes Jarvis Dupont


iPhone : I was worried that all this “pandemic” business would distract the police from tackling hate.

It’s a relief to see they’ve still got their priorities in order. 👮‍♀️✊ twitter.com/metpoliceuk/st…

iPhone : To all my fellow activists bravely gloating about Boris Johnson and wishing him dead, make sure you’ve got your pronouns in your bio so that no-one can accuse you of being a bad person.

iPhone : Amanda is right. The phrase “wet market” is a racist dog whistle.

If only we’d have called them “Outdoor Emporia for Culturally Enriching Perishable Goods”, the virus wouldn’t have stood a chance.


iPhone : "Some people have been questioning why Trump’s use of ‘Chinese virus’ and ‘China virus’ is so problematic and it really grinds my gears that I even need to explain this: it just is." By Jarvis Dupont


iPhone : This is getting out of control. Nenita just came back from the weekly shop and picked up the *last* bottle of Dom Pérignon from the Harrods food halls.

People need to STOP stockpiling at this difficult time. 😡