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Bio Im Toby. I also have a last name, too! Links! ►
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iPhone : My music that I’ve created, and videos I made for the songs, are demonetized because they matched ‘third party content’ that isn’t eligible for dispute.

Do you guys have employees anymore?

YouTube Creators

iPhone : Okok. Accidentally just streamed a bunch of gaming stuff to Tobuscus. And kind of liked it. But maybe I should switch to tobygames. Or maybe not

iPhone : *files appeal for my ‘I Can Swing My Sword’ video on Tobuscus being monetized by someone else*

*dispute gets rejected*

Face > Palm

iPhone : Twitch has made me a lot happier. I love the stuff I’m doing there. Hope you’re enjoying it as well!
More to come

iPhone : Listening to audiobooks called titles such as, ‘How to unf**** your life.’ and ‘The subtle art of not giving a f***.’

I think I just really like asterisks.