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Twitter for iPad : Pat Miletich It’s a federal crime and bad for the country but do your thing. Pimp for your crime boss. I’m rooting for the rule of law.

Twitter for iPad : Pat Miletich Witnesses are Trump appointees with decades of USA service. Whistleblower & Trump’s IG followed federally mandated procedure. Outing whistleblower is felony & endangers future whistleblowers. Bribery’s illegal in Constitution. Trump violated oath to be custodian of Constitution.

Twitter for iPad : Best night of poker ever tonight. Not only Kelly Hu straight flush but Ed Asner 90th birthday cake. #NorbyWalters…

Twitter Web App : Lisa Rachael Church NBC News James OKeefe Project Veritas It's disgusting but not Impeachable. Trump will be Impeached because of 3 things:
1. Forget Quid Pro Quo. Trump committed bribery. That's illegal & in the Constitution.
2. His unlawful treatment of the federally protected whistleblower.
3. All of the witnesses are Trump people.

Twitter Web App : O James OKeefe) 's Twitter Profile">James OKeefe Name one pedophile O'Keefe has exposed? I think his 9.8K likes are all from active pedophiles like you and your pals. You pedophiles know you're are safe around James OKeefe) 's Twitter Profile">James OKeefe because Project Veritas has never exposed a pedophile. They've hired pedophiles but never exposed one

Twitter Web App : Dave Tom Nichols I do. I listen a bunch more conservatives than I did before Trump. I respect real conservatives. We don't have to agree on policy as long as we agree on looking out for our country.