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Twitter for Advertisers : Welcome to Emerald Works Research! Here youll find the latest L&D insights, research, news, tips & advice.

Follow us Emerald Works, to find out more about who we are and how we create learning cultures that empower people to bring about real change for real impact. 👇

Twitter Web App : Podcast: Throughly enjoyed sharing views on what make a great learning organisation, with Owen Ferguson and Ross Garner #thegppodcast cc LPI…

Hootsuite Inc. : Building a culture of #learning in organisations is a top priority for L&D but is an impossible dream if you can’t engage the stakeholders. Well explore exciting design thinking techniques that can unlock barriers to make learning successful LearningTechnologies

TweetDeck : Unfortunately my email seems to have been hacked - if you get a weird looking email from me (weirder than usual?!) then please delete ASAP. Apologies.

Twitter Web App : Delivering more for less: how we need to move beyond efficiency!

#learningtransformation #DigitalTransformation #learningtechnology…

Buffer : #LNTV: @BMosh on workflow learning; David Perring on new @Fosway research; @JaneSDaly on Towards Maturity research; Ger Driesen on compliance training; Robin Hoyle on personalisation; @Euan on writing tools; @TBoyesonCo on Apprenticeship Levy. Thur 10am UK

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iPhone : Today is a momentous day as we launch Emerald Works!

Our new brand brings combined passion & expertise from three learning organizations – Mind Tools, GoodPractice & Towards Maturity.

Weve come together to bring real change for real impact. Take a look! 👇

Twitter Web App : Votes from Greece surge in the final days of the L&D Global Sentiment Survey. Now at #7 in the rankings, will it go even further?

The survey has one question: What will be hot in workplace L&D in 2020? and takes one minute to answer. #GSS20

Hootsuite Inc. : Beyond the hype: what you really need to know about digital learning in 2020. See what David Wilson told Learning Pool in this blog that cuts through the trends to what really matters #LT20UK

Twitter Web App : Our short guide to Cognitive Load Theory for teachers. Check the extraneous load youre placing on your pupils during learning!

Hootsuite Inc. : Technology can power integrated employee learning experiences in the context of everyday work. Learn how in this column. #TIMagazine

Hootsuite Inc. : Have any burning questions that you need answering about #Brexit ❓ We have CIPD Policy and Gerwyn Davies to help and assist you! Also see our Brexit FAQs for people professionals to guide you in your Brexit planning -

TweetDeck : How should employers deal with cases of workplace #harassment?

Gillian MacLellan and Val Dougan CMS UK break down new EHRC draft guidance

#EmploymentLaw #UKEmplaw #MeToo #workplaceculture

Sprout Social : L&D professionals may think of #games and #gamification as silver bullets for engagement and motivation issues that add fun to workplace #learning. But they need to use those tools to show value, rather than just showcase fun.

iPhone : Yesterday CIPD) 's Twitter Profile">CIPD had the pleasure of sending out 150,000 personal emails to members to highlight the new, exclusive, FREE online courses (70+ learning hours) on the core behaviours of the CIPD) 's Twitter Profile">CIPD Profession Map. #MemberBenefit #StayAhead. Take a look at:

TweetDeck : Training for day-one readiness will provide learners with the best learning experience when working with a new technology.

Hootsuite Inc. : According to ACCA UK businesses are finding it harder to recruit the right people with the right skills. If you’re in a similar position then their #apprenticeship programmes offer a simple and cost effective solution. Download their guide here #HR

Twitter Web App : Last chance to secure your early-bird ticket! Be sure to book now to avoid disappointment - CIPD CIPD_Events #cipdNAC20

Twitter Web App : Congratulations on your launch news today Emerald Works. A wonderful joining together of @GoodPractice Mind Tools and @TowardsMaturity. Ill look forward to continuing our work together.…

Canva : The next #JigsawDiscoveryTool Certification workshop is on the 26th & 27th March. Leave a comment to receive full details #Behaviours #Profiling

Hootsuite Inc. : RT InstituteLM: 68% of workers feel that training & development is more important than a salary. Download our new research report for more insights into what we want from work in 2020. #CareerGoals2020

Android : #LNTV: @BMosh on workflow learning; David Perring on new @Fosway research; @JaneSDaly on Towards Maturity research; Ger Driesen on compliance training; Robin Hoyle on personalisation; @Euan on writing tools; @TBoyesonCo on Apprenticeship Levy. Thur 10am UK

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iPhone : Hey Twitter peeps please could I ask for help...
I am interested to find blogs & articles that discuss being a manager, having empathy and keeping boundaries within the manager / direct report relationship. If you have something which links into these topics, please share with me

Twitter Web App : Absolutely thrilled to be selected to participate in the inaugural Learning Technologies Thirty Under 30 programme (30x30)! 🥳 Roll on #LT20uk! See you there! 😎…
Many thanks to ProfitAbility for your backing 💙

Twitter Web App : Weve just had a booking for How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer in March. Secure your place with a small deposit by Jan 31st for a 10% discount...only 1 week left! Stella Collins…

Twitter Web App : Microsoft’s Carbon-Negative Gambit

Microsoft is going to slash all of its historic emissions through new tech investments. . . .

#Microsoft #CarbonFootprint #TheITTrainer #ITTraining 💻

Twitter Web App : Gen Z is the next wave of employees organizations need to understand. By 2025, #GenZ will account for approximately 31% of the workforce. Here are 5 things about Generation Z every #HR & #learning manager should know.

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Twitter Web App : The power of storytelling is undeniable and can really help with increasing learner engagement for your elearning solutions.

#elearning #learnerengagement #digitallearning #storytelling…

Buffer : The Reskilling Revolution: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Education for a Billion People by 2030 > Press releases | World Economic Forum

Buffer : Its soup weather & Pearlcatchers HQ take wellbeing seriously. We have a soup maker & buy fresh vegetables to help us get vitamins & minerals into our day. How do you encourage healthy eating in your office? Wed love to hear your ideas & suggestions #saynotocolds #healthyeating

Twitter Web App : If you are a coach why are you not following us? We have coach members.... not just supervisors.

Android : Amazing: a trail of termites (up) and a trail of ants (down), both protected by a row of their soldiers in a stand-off, without fighting.

from @mehdi_moussaid

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Twitter Web App : Beatriz Perez Coca-Cola
People still want plastic bottles, says Coca-Cola.

Dont ask people what they want. Use your position to give them what will help future generations =Non plastic bottles.

Your market share and profits will still be there

Twitter Web App : Katy As your friend with some Jewish roots, I have great jokes about the topic... would a little levity help the conversations?

Android : Went ice skating with the kids. Thought I was better than I am, got cocky and went down hard a couple of times.
Will have a couple of decent bruises in the morning ⛸💥😬

iPhone : How does Gobby work?
#stakeholderengagement #cocreation #transformation #businessintelligence #values #communication #takepeoplewithyou

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LinkedIn : This was a great session at City HR Association last Thursday. We had some great discussions about AI, the transformation of the workplace and how analytics can help.

#workforcetransformation #hranalytics #humancapital #360feedback

Twitter Web App : Welcome to Emerald Works Research! Here youll find the latest L&D insights, research, news, tips & advice.

Follow us Emerald Works, to find out more about who we are and how we create learning cultures that empower people to bring about real change for real impact. 👇

Buffer : We have a number of events coming up in Jan and Feb to help you understand what technologies will help you in 2020 be more productive and spend more time innovating rather than getting stifled by Business As Usual.

Twitter Web App : Did you know that CAPDMs Courseworker™ cloud-based course production environment now supports H5P integrated into #Moodle packages which can be built in seconds from #XML master sources? Find out more at…
#edtech #eLearning #HTML5

LinkedIn : ONE BILLION people need to be upskilled over the next 10 years. A huge task not just for business leaders but for society as a whole.

Hootsuite Inc. : Thanks Jeffrey A Tayler >
What Climbing Expeditions Tell Us about #Teamwork -
A new study mines decades of mountaineering data to measure how group think fares against top-down #leadership #OrganizationalBehavior

iPhone : Air France) 's Twitter Profile">Air France Just experienced Premium Economy on #AirFrance from Paris to Boston. It was magnificent! Thank you Air France) 's Twitter Profile">Air France for a wonderful trip. Looking forward to more.

Android : Selain Ronny Sompie, Direktur Sistem Informasi Imigrasi Juga Dicopot…

Menkum HAM Yasonna H Laoly juga mencopot Direktur Sistem dan Teknologi Keimigrasian Alif Suaidi berkaitan dengan polemik buron KPK Harun Masiku.


Twitter Web Client : Recent graduate with a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Roosevelt University. I have 1 year of experience in recruitment, compensation planning, training and in HR policies & procedures. I am seeking an employment opportunity in the US.

#HR #HRJobs #graduate

Android : The Scrum Australia 2020 Programme is here!
Get it before it goes up on the web. Please note it is subject to change.

To register for Scrum Australia 2020:…

iPhone : I’ve come across this so many times within HR where businesses just treat their staff as robots. HR is no longer about the people, it’s about the business and it’s goals. Really sad!

iPhone : -Spain said it would cancel the sale of bombs to Saudi over concerns they would be used against civilians in Yemen
-Saudi threatened of withdrawing commercial contracts from Spain
-Spain decides to sell them to Saudi after all

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Android : Birthday treat - a night off of gym runs so I get to snuggle up in front of the telebox with my littlest mansee #dadstaxitakesover #cheekyglassofred #mummyandbabybear

Twitter Web App : We are incredibly excited to share that Symbas co-founders Ahva Sadeghi and Nikita Gupta made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2020 list for Enterprise Technology! #ForbesUnder30 #FemaleFounders #WomeninTech…


We are committed to do what is right at all times.  We align all our actions and decisions to what is just and ethical, without compromise.


iPhone : Take a few minutes to read this article on white privileged, explained in simple terms but also how privilege in general covers many different protected characteristics. Topical and often misunderstood.…