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Android : Imagine if Trump punched a farmer in the face;

...Then punched the farmer's friends & family;

...Then kept punching them all for 27 months;

...Then stopped;

...Then told farmers to vote for him because he brought an end to all the punching.

It's like that, but with tariffs.

Twitter Web App : Today, Donald Trump sent 37 tweets attacking past presidents, current politicians, and U.S. law enforcement; misspelling basic words; and lying about literally everything.

Because those are totally normal things for a sitting president to do.

Twitter Web App : PROJECTION: (noun) A psychological defense mechanism in which weak-minded individuals attribute their own objectionable characteristics to another person.…

Twitter Web App : Yesterday, the sitting U.S. President…

- Handed Northern Syria to Russia;
- Considered Cancelling Open Skies;
- Condemned Ukrainian “Corruption;” and
- Attacked U.S. Leaders, Institutions, and Norms.

Yesterday was Vladimir Putin’s birthday. (yes, really)

Android : The definition of irony is Donald Trump finding the time to send 30 tweets a day for the past 2 weeks while trying to convince the world that it's the Democrats who are "doing nothing."

Android : Donald J. Trump Since Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry was announced, he's tweeted…

- 31 attacks on Schiff
- 33 attacks on Biden
- 27 attacks on the FBI
- 39 attacks on the Media
- 95 attacks on Democrats
- 32 attacks on the Whistleblower

Certainly doesn’t seem like the actions of an innocent man.