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Tris Resists (commentary)

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Twitter for iPad : Unless we all pledge to unabashedly and passionately support whichever candidate emerges to oppose this cancer on our Democracy, the Revolutionary War will have been fought for nothing.

Twitter for iPad : Reminder: The enemy is the criminal who stole the presidency, the monster who locks kids in cages, the madman who’s bringing fascism to our country. Tweet accordingly.

Twitter for iPad : Budgets reflect values, and those behind Trump's budget are clear:

Cuts to Medicaid. Cuts to children's health care. Cuts to Medicare. Cuts to the EPA. Cuts to the Department of Education. Cuts to the CDC. Cuts to affordable housing programs.

These are not our values.…

Twitter for iPad : Adam Schiff Trump does not care about your Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security!
Bloomberg’s new ad cuts to the chase!
Trump does not care about anyone but himself, his loyal lapdogs and the top 1%

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Twitter for iPad : πŸ”₯Virginia its not too late to register to vote for the Primary

⏰Register online today Feb 10!…

Or update your voter reg here πŸ‘‰

You can also download a form or visit your local voter reg office πŸ‘‰…

iPhone : Walter Shaub Rick Wilson None of what’s happened and continues to happen is normal!
WE are the only stop gap in this American tragedy!
*Vote for the Democratic nominee in November to end this nightmare!
We must also take the majority in the Senate and maintain majority in House!
ALL hands on deck!

iPhone : Lindsey Graham, a co-conspirator in the Trump-Ukraine scandal, says DOJ is handling Biden disinformation being funneled through corrupt back channel from Giuliani to White House

They’re ALL in the loop of lawlessness: Trump, Pence, Barr, Graham, et al.…

iPhone : This.

This is what the GOP wants.

For people to be strangled by their medical debt and for their for profit prisons to make money off of it.

This is what you run against.

This is how the Democrats win in 2020 up and down the ballot.…

iPhone : Brad Pitt: β€œThey told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week.”

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iPhone : When choosing a Democratic presidential nominee in 2020, these are the top three issues that I really care about:

1) Defeating Trump
2) Beating Trump
3) Making sure Trump loses


iPhone : Thread. I want to give voice to those of us who are sad, depressed even, feeling hopeless right now. Many of us are fearful for the future. Some, terrified. The effect of the "acquittal", even tho expected, is difficult. /1

iPhone : Sexism in this country is so pervasive that being a woman is viewed as a greater handicap than literally having a heart-attack. Think about that.

iPhone : This is so perfect, I love it.

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