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Twitter Web App : The real name of Sehwan was Shivistan (land of Shiva).Sehwan was a popular temple and Math (Monastery) of Pashupata Shaivism. It was later converted to a Sufi Shrine.A Shiva Lingam existed in the center of Dargah until 1970.
Snippet from historian William Dalrymples Nine Lives

Twitter Web App : If Sehwan Sharif is such a secular and multicultural place, why have they removed the original, ancient Shiva Linga from inside of Dargah in 1970 and buried it in an unknown place within its precincts?

Let people see this Sufi Dargah for what it really is.A former Shiva temple!…

Twitter Web Client : Hey Swine,

LTTE is NOT a Hindu party. In its manifesto, LTTE defined itself as "Socialist and Secular". The ideology/religion of LTTE is same as yours. Secularism.

Do not keep proving again and again that you truly deserve your name.…

Twitter Web Client : When terror attack happened in Christchurch, they blamed blanket "right wingers" all over the world, even groups which had nothing to do with the attack.

Terror attacks in Srilanka resulted in 3 times more deaths, and nobody wants to even name the ideology of perpetrators. Why?

Twitter Web Client : It must be mentioned that Ahimsa in this verse does not mean non violence. It simply means not harming(animals). It was Bhishma who uttered this phrase while clearly recommending a vegetarian lifestyle in Mahabharata(Anushasana parva;13.116 Vulgate)…

Twitter Web Client : True Indology Yes, you are right..! Aadiparva, chapter 11, verse 13 reads
इदं चोवाच वचनं रुरुमप्रतिमोजसम्‌।
अहिंसा परमो धर्म: सर्वप्राणभृतां वर ॥११.१३
Next verse-
तस्मात्प्राणभृत: सर्वान्‌ हिंस्याद्‌ ब्राह्मण: क्वचित्‌।

"धर्म हिंसा तथैव च:" isn't from Mahabharata, concocted later..!

Twitter Web Client : The second verse धर्म हिंसा तथैव च: is fake. It is neither found in Mahabharata nor in any other pre modern Hindu literature. It was recently fabricated by a fraud Baba.…

Twitter Web Client : The snippet of the first tweet of this thread has been excerpted from "The English Factory Records Volume 12 (1665-1667)" which are contemporary everyday records of East India Company in the 17th century.

These events happened on 30th November 1667-10th December 1667

Twitter Web Client : So destructive was Shivaji's Goa campaign that the Christian ruler and his viceroy had to revoke their anti Hindu order out of fear of Shivaji

This incident throws light on Shivaji's fight with Portuguese and Christian Missionaries. Even his raids carried a deeper meaning.

Twitter Web Client : In 1667, Christian ruler of Goa banned Hinduism and banished Hindus out of Goa.

In response, Shivaji invaded Goa.He asked four Christian priests to convert to Hinduism. On their refusal, he beheaded them. He completely destroyed Portuguese Goa.

The ruler had to revoke his order

Twitter Web Client : The dawn spring Goddess Eostre was widely worshipped and celebrated across pagan cultures of Eurasia

In Greek =Eos
Old English=Eostre

Source-Oxford Etymological Dictionary (Mallory, Adams 2013)

Twitter Web Client : The original Old English name of the month April was Eostre mon(a)th= Month of dawn/spring Goddess Eostre

The English Christian monk Bede (c.700) wrote that Pagans celebrated a huge festival in this month to honour their Goddess Eostre #Easter

No mention of Easter in Bible