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Android : Temple wealth is religious property and secular state should have no right over it.

OTOH, Taj Mahal isn't a religious monument and its construction was one of the reasons for India to lapse into poverty.

Sell its marble and India's poverty will be solved.…

Twitter Web Client : In the above table Chola Period 1 belongs to the period of Vijayalaya and early cholas (A.D 850-985)

Period 2 marks the height of Chola ascendancy under Rajaraja and Rajendra Chola (A.D 985-1070)

Tanjavur was the core area of Cholas. Clearly,the % was highest during their peak

Twitter Web Client : It is often claimed that Pre Modern Hindu India was a misogynist world where women were not allowed to own property.

A glance at contemporary inscriptions proves otherwise.

From the property transactions, 48% of land owners and sellers were women in Kumbhakonam (Tamil Nadu)

Twitter Web Client : Jagannatha Gattu is a famous temple built by the great Vijayanagara king Krishnadevaraya.

He donated the surrounding area to temple.After 1947,Govt took most of it but left a part to temple.

Now,Missionaries illegally constructing Church inside this area

Twitter Web Client : The snippet of the first tweet of this thread has been excerpted from "The English Factory Records Volume 12 (1665-1667)" which are contemporary everyday records of East India Company in the 17th century.

These events happened on 30th November 1667-10th December 1667

Twitter Web Client : So destructive was Shivaji's Goa campaign that the Christian ruler and his viceroy had to revoke their anti Hindu order out of fear of Shivaji

This incident throws light on Shivaji's fight with Portuguese and Christian Missionaries. Even his raids carried a deeper meaning.

Twitter Web Client : In 1667, Christian ruler of Goa banned Hinduism and banished Hindus out of Goa.

In response, Shivaji invaded Goa.He asked four Christian priests to convert to Hinduism. On their refusal, he beheaded them. He destroyed Portuguese Goa.

They had to revoke order #HinduSamrajyaDivas

Twitter Web Client : This is such a nonsensical logic. How many Hindu Americans exist in US? 2.3 million. Even less in other countries you mention. That doesn't even cover 10% of Bangladesh's loss.

Fact is that Hindus are persecuted in Islamic nations like Bangladesh and converted in colonies…

Twitter Web Client : Hindu population:

Nepal 1952: 88.87%
Nepal now(2011): 81.3%

India 1951: 84.1%
India now(2011): 79.8%

Bangladesh 1951: 22.05%
Bangladesh now(2011): 8.96%

Mauritius 1901: 55.62%
Mauritius now(2011): 48.5%

Guyana 1991: 35.0%
Guyana now: 24.8%

Fiji 1976:45%
Fiji now(2007):27.9%…

Android : Not really. Yes, letter J as spelt in modern European languages is recent. Doesn't mean Jesus wasn't known prior to that. In older days, Jesus was actually spelt as "Iesus" with a capital I…

Twitter Web Client : This carving depicting an Akkadian warrior is shared on social media as a carving depicting Rama and Hanuman. This Akkadian warrior has an axe and he is mercilesly trampling a slave as another man begs for life.

It is an really an insult to pass him off as Lord Rama