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Android : Rashidaโ€™s sister is on the no fly list, her ex and her entire family support terrorism and the destruction of Israel. We do not need any more traitors in D.C. Rashida should be removed from Congress.โ€ฆ

Android : .Mayor Ted Wheeler Here ya go & there are plenty more where that came from. Youre a DISGRACE!

This man was maced & beaten by the ANTIFA mob. He was knocked unconscious to the ground. His spouse was trying to protect him as mob still surrounded them. NO POLICE!

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Android : You know what folks? These #PollNumbers mean absolutely nothing! If we would have gone by the poll numbers in 2016 Hillary Clinton would have been President! On a one on one debate stage #PresidentTrump will expose them for the fools that they are #KAG

Android : RETWEET if you want President Trump to formally recognize Antifa as a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!!

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