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iPhone : Nancy doesnt want you to see this video of her. She has made a formal request that FaceBook and Twitter remove the video, claiming that its been altered or enhanced.

I think Donald J. Trump was right, Nancy is having a meltdown.

What do you think?

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iPhone : . Nancy Pelosi your OWN rules for 116th Congress clearly state no Member may engage in a sexual relationship with any employee who works under their supervision. Why are you allowing Rep. Katie Hill to sleep with her staff?? #ResignKatieHill…

iPhone : This is exactly how globAlist puppets dems/rinos have abused their power stealing our taxes...! Wake up democrat blind sheep who work they’ve stole Ur money too! The division 2 incite hate & their panic is 2 preserve their gravy train B4 they’re bankrupted!
President Trump
Sara A. Carter

iPhone : Trump Supporters in DC for Anti-Impeachment Rally, marching down Pennsylvania Avenue, which has been blocked off for the rally!

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iPhone : “[Donald J. Trump] has been in office for 3 years. He has sustained an energy and a momentum that we have never seen, and his supporters are with him 100%.” -Ronna McDaniel

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iPhone : So many great folks in Peoria last night dedicated to fighting against political machine & putting people first. Shoutout from Diamond and Silk®, discussed my campaign to unseat Dick Durbin. Yall heard of #WalkAway? In 2020 were gonna #FightBack for our future. #PeggyForIllinois

iPhone : David J Harris Jr “Additionally, 4,297 defendants were charged with alien smuggling in fiscal year 2019”

Human trafficking.

4,297 human traffickers busted.

These are only the ones they were able to catch. 🤔

Let that sink in...

iPhone : Crazy mslm fanatic threatening Christian worshippers in the Vatican with a knife. Media silent as usual. If this were a christian white man in a,mosque there would be 24 7 round the clock coverage and his entire history examined and labeled white supremacist.…



RT & watch them all melt!
Who did I forget?

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