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Twitter Web App : There's also a special election coming up THIS NOVEMBER in Texas for a seat Dems are trying to flip in #HD28.

Dr. Eliz Markowitz is the only Democrat running against a sea of Republicans.

Flipping Texas blue takes 1 seat at a time.

Please donate.



Twitter Web App : .Wendy Davis is running for Congress in #TX21. This is a battleground district that has national attention. Wendy can win this race, but the Republicans and their PACs will be pouring money into this race.

Please donate to help flip Texas blue.


Twitter Web App : Perpetually constipated Tucker Carlson said, If Texas goes blue, goes Democrat, its over. Republicans cant win a presidential election with Texas.

Help us turn Texas blue by donating to these campaigns or simply RT. I will donate $100 to both campaigns if I get 200 RTs.


Twitter Web App : One reason I decided to run is I knew foreign election interference was and will continue to be a top national security threat. Trump is an assault to our democracy, and until we fix that, other policy arguments are secondary. We need new leaders to rise up and act on this twitter.com/jrubinblogger/โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Trump has 2 RTs on his timeline with this exact quote, and theyre only 1 hour apart.

Trump is RTing bots, and hes either a complete moron or doesnt care.

Ok, there IS a third option. Hes both.