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Bio Deplorable Trumplican in NY. Public School ESL/SpEd teacher. Returned Peace Corp Volunteer. Bilingual. Jew. New mom of MAGA baby. If triggered not sorry. #MAGA
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iPhone : Marco Rubio Senator, please continue blocking the “Protect The Mueller Investigation” Bill. Mueller has found no collusion and is way outside his original mandate. It’s become a political persecution. He denies due process rights, sets perjury traps, and litigates people into bankruptcy.

iPhone : 😡Frenchies:”..the man was known 2 police”🙄Get UR head outta your bum & name the threat!! Radical [email protected] attack on western values &Christian faith👉🏻At what point does your instinct 4 survival kick in?Either clear out your wet noodle leaders & muzzi invaders, OR MOVE 2 POLAND! twitter.com/londonandreams…

iPhone : UNREAL

DOJ refuses to explain why the FBI raided the MD home of Dennis Nathan Cain, protected whistleblower of Clinton Foundation & Uranium One.

Obama appointed federal judge Stephanie Gallagher approved the raid.

Sen. Grassley has given Director Wray until tmw to answer why.

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iPhone : Did someone say GoFundMe? 😂



iPhone : I am EXTREMELY proud of President Trump right now! Finally a President that doesn't care about optics.

Said he's willing to shutdown the Gov. for border security...AND TAKE THE BLAME...on live TV!

Couldn't ask for a better leader. Fight!!!


iPhone : #BuildTheWall
US Border Patrol is catching terrorists crossing illegally and Pelosi and Schumer are fighting the will of Amers! Avg of 10 terrorists caught each day!

Over 70% of AMERs want a wall!

Insanity is they won't keep us safe!
Tell Congress to fund the wall!
#Strasbourg twitter.com/nbcnews/status…

iPhone : I’m a #Legalimmigrant

I’m a proud #Nationalist

I love my country & my fellow #Americans

I don’t care if you don’t like me as a person, I care that everyone respects my country, my President Trump, the laws & our way of life

Nothing wrong with👉🏽proud to be an #American


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iPhone : I am so proud, so thankful for President Trump. He did not relent on the importance of the border wall to stop illegal immigration. He is a fighter the day he announced his election, a fighter when we elected him, and even a bigger fighter as President.

God Bless this man.